The Trends Popular Colors in Summer 2022

Since Pantone announced the color of the year, from there a branch of colors is developed based on the favorite of the year, very peri is the color of 2022 and since then, pastel colors in shades of violet, purple and pink are everywhere, from fashion week to hair color, if you are a person who wears a lot of colors I think you are going to love these that I am about to show you.

Bright Violet

Obviously violet and all its variations are a great favorite, they are everywhere, from accessories to nail color, it has become a must color in your wardrobe, and it is because this color goes very well with any tone. leather and makes you stand out in a super subtle and very pretty way without being too flashy, unless that’s what you want and attention is what you really want.

Canary Yellow

Canary Yellow always comes back but this year thanks to Jacquemus we now know how to really wear it, from blazers to Bottega Veneta handbags, it’s a color that can be worn casually if you want but who wants to be casual these days? We all want to stand out with our striking style and more in the summer than one of the few moments you have to wear strong and bold colors.

Salted Caramel

If you like earthy tones, Salted Caramel is for you, it makes you look tanned and gives a different glow to your skin tone that you would not achieve with the previous colors, it can be used at any time or event, either in dresses, blouses or even suits, accessories such as handbags, anything in this color looks super elegant, it is definitely the least striking color but the one that has the most power to make you look beautiful.

Rich Green

The Rich Green, who would think that the color green would be in trend as it is now, this color has never been the favorite of many, not many think that this color suits them but look how it has surprised us, I think this color makes us look very well if we used it in the right way, accessories in this color make your skin stand out in a wonderful way, from using it in makeup to nails, there is a growing trend in bright colors like this green and neon pink, no miss the opportunity to use it this season.

Hot Pink

And our favorite each year, the Hot Pink. It always makes its grand entrance on these dates and how not to love it if it makes us stand out from 5km away, it is perfect in silk dresses and printed blouses, if you can only choose one color to choose this one, it looks beautiful in the photos and makes you look different from the others, it is the favorite of this summer and I think you can already see why, it is practically everywhere and we’re not mad, we have many choices and designs to choose from because we’re obsessed.

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