Sweater Dress with Thigh High Boots

black thigh boots high

The combination of a sweater dress and boots can potentially create a sophisticated and fashionable outfit by itself. For some years now, combinations of this type have been seen more and more often, so much so that this matching has become a real must of the season, which is confirmed again this year.

Sweater dress

It may be because a very cold winter is expected or simply because “sometimes they come back”, but the fact is that for this season the only real fashion trend to follow is that of sweaters.

From outerwear, such as coats and ponchos, to miniskirts and oversized sweaters, here are all the winter fashion tips to follow to the letter, to have an impeccable look when wearing sweaters.

The sweater dresses are the real must-have for this winter, both the abundant short models or those up to the knee. The short-sleeved sweater dresses are also perfect, to be worn with crop tops and trench coats. Go ahead also for long dresses with leather belt, tied at the waist, to enhance your outfit to the fullest!

The colors are those of the shades of brown, up to powder pink and gray. In general, though, I can assure you that you can use your favorite colors without worrying! Among the fashion trends for this winter, black & white is back, with optical patterns and geometric designs, obviously not forgetting the animalier and patchwork!

For the evening it is better to wear flared sweater dresses, tight at the waist and that create a nice visual effect. As for the neckline, you decide how sexy you want to be and whether or not to leave your back uncovered, based on how much you can stand the cold!


Boots are my favorite footwear during the winter. You decide whether or not to use the tights under them. You know I’m not a big fan of tights, but if you really have to, go for the same color as the boot. Black boots, black stockings. If you really can’t, opt for a pair of nude ones, or don’t use them like I do! Fishnet stockings should also be considered!

And what about the heel? Square or pointed? This really depends on how long you can survive in a pair of heels. If you can’t make it past half an hour wearing heels. Opt for the more comfortable version, so the squared ones, otherwise go for stiletto heels.

The boot you go to choose to create this outfit will say a lot about the type of style you like to follow. At the end of the day, the dress is not a very special garment as much as the boots. By choosing a boot with a square heel, suede fabric and inconspicuous zippers, you will create a classic style. Otherwise, by choosing a stiletto heel, in shiny fabric and beautiful visible zippers, you will create a very sexy style!

Well, I hope this guide was helpful for you to be able to create your outfit consisting of high boots and sweater dress! Don’t forget the accessories!

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