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We assume that all physicalities can be thin because thin doesn’t mean being skinny. Even those with a plus-size can appear thinner, the important thing is to follow the 10 simple rules that I will list below, which will help you dress in such a way as to make your body appear as thin as possible!

Underwear is important

No, do not start from the assumption that “nobody sees underwear anyway” because it is the most common mistake among all of us women! In fact, underwear can play in our favor, just think of the containment panties, the culottes that make the butt taller and firmer, and all the shapers that contain your shapes, making them sweeter. But as underwear plays in favor it can also play against it, just think of a tight bra that creates fat rolls. Be careful, girls!

Loose clothes aren’t always the solution

I see a lot of women using loose clothes, but that doesn’t imply that using them will solve all your problems! Maxi sweaters and sweatshirts, however fashionable they may be, tend to make the figure stronger!

Value your strengths

If you have nice legs, use dresses and skirts more often, a nice butt must be put inside a pair of jeans that enhance it to the maximum, and not be hidden, as well as a long neck, that must be enhanced with a V-neck!

Put your critical points in the background

If you don’t like your thighs, use pants with large pockets and a wide leg; if you don’t like your abdomen, choose sweaters with clean lines! The more you simplify the figure the slenderer it will appear overall!

Show the leanest points on your body

Showing the leanest points on your body such as jaws, collarbones, wrists, ankles or waist helps make your silhouettes appear slimmer! Green light to all the garments that highlight these parts of your body!

The vertical lines

Just to say something everyone knows by now: vertical lines streamline the figure! In general, all garments that have a lengthening effect such as blazers, rows of buttons, zippers and cardigans help to look slimmer! Obviously, avoid horizontal lines.

Monochrome outfits

Black is a color that slims down, the same goes for the vertical lines, but we can’t wear black-based outfits every day! In fact, based on this, all colors are suitable, such as navy, this year’s trend, denim, burgundy, petrol, grey, brown and dark green!

Avoid contrasting colors

It is forbidden to wear more than two or three colors in the outfit, even better if they are colors on the same shade, so as not to create gaps that would break the figure, making it appear short and stocky, creating horizontal lines to avoid!


12-inch heels slim, but you can’t always go out in these shoes! Choose shoes in the same shade or similar to that of the pants or tights you are wearing.

Not bulky accessories

Forget accessories with large and rounded shapes such as chokers, and opt for long and thin jewelry and accessories.

Listen to your body

Take a tour of the shops and try on any type of trousers or shirt so you can understand which one best suits the shape of your body!

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