5 Must-Have Sweaters for Autumn and Winter

Autumn and Winter sweater

The cold seems to have arrived, and that time seems to have come to run to the shops to buy some nice warm sweaters that will keep us company in the coming months! But before proceeding to do this. Better pause for a moment to understand which is the right sweater to buy based on your physique!

Crewneck sweaters

With a crew neck sweater, you can go anywhere, from morning until late evening. The very narrow round neckline on the neck greatly increases the volume of the breasts and shoulders. Therefore this type is very suitable for those with a small bust, slender neck, and a pear-shaped body. On the contrary, a wider neckline is perfect for those with somewhat stout shoulders and necks and for those who do not want to highlight their large breasts!

V-neck sweaters

The V-neck sweaters slim the bust and in addition, add verticality to the figure. For this reason, the V-neck sweaters are perfect for those with broad shoulders, typical of those with an inverted triangle body. For those who want to highlight a tight waistline and for those who want to highlight their breasts. As let’s face it, they attract attention like an arrow. But be careful not to frustrate all efforts by wearing something useless like a crew neck under it, only shirts are allowed!

Turtleneck sweaters

There are two possibilities: either you love them or you have the feeling of having a vice in your neck when wearing them! They are suitable for women who have a long or thin neck and are instead to be avoided if you have a wide, short neck or a rounded face. As they give a feeling of fullness. To remedy this, the area from the neck down must be left as free as possible. And this is easy if you have short hair; if you have long hair, on the other hand, you have to wear tails, buns, or put your hair inside the neck of the sweater!

Sweaters with a very wide neckline

Sweaters with a very wide neckline are the type that keeps the least warm of all, it must be admitted. But the positive side is that they do not quarrel with any physicality. Now we need to understand what to wear underneath! The tank top with silk satin and lace details or the bralette is ideal, as leaving the parts of the collarbones uncovered, in turn, make the bust appear slimmer. The great visual effect, but watch out for the cold!

Short sweaters

They are perfect for shorter girls and are ideal for those who want to show off their sexy butt all year round! Surely this type of sweaters lengthens the figure and enhances the thinnest hips, but you should never wear anything under this type of sweaters. Let’s face it, the sight of a tank top that comes out of the sweater gives the chills! If you really can’t do it, try some jeans or a high-waisted skirt that hides under the sweater!

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