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Bottega Veneta

This bag is absolutely delicious and I find it perfect to combine, for example, with a nice pair of open sandals, which lately are popular on Instagram and on the feet of all instagrammers and fashion bloggers worldwide. A perfect bag for a look that is completed in a flash and without too much effort!

Tommy Hilfiger Straw Bag

I love straw and straw-like bags, and this bag model that can be worn in any season of the year, both with coats and with mini dresses, is perfect, and will surely stand out on your outfit because of every its centimeter of particularity!

Michel Kors Bag

As for the sale of bags, Michel Kors is definitely a brand you can rely on without any kind of problem, such as with this bag, which I find perfect to wear under the arm together with a nice coat!

Versace Jeans Couture

Versace Jeans Couture is a collection of bags that leaves you speechless for its beauty and for its incredible way of combining with jeans, both light and dark! For example, I find this model perfect to wear with light-colored trousers, a coat, and combine it with a pair of high boots!

Valentino Mini Red Bag

How beautiful and wonderful the red bags are, I love them! They are the ideal bags to pull our trusty red lipstick out of them and keep the bare essentials inside them, as we are talking about mini bags, so inside we can only insert iPhone and credit card. We hope you don’t need anything else!

Versace Cube

Very often it is nice to give an extra touch to our outfit by adding some particular geometric shape, which manages to enhance our outfit by giving it a special effect. And if this touch comes from a bag, everything becomes even more beautiful, because our dear Donatella Versace, with her made in Italy, has created a bag that is nothing short of perfect!

Guess Big Pink Bag

Perhaps the bags seen so far seemed too small to you, especially if you are one of those who also put a change of clothes inside the bag. Gucci, with this super roomy pink bag, has thought of you, who is a fashion blogger, and who needs space in the bag to put all your needs!

Yves Saint Laurent Suede Bag

Although unfortunately they are very delicate to be used, as if they could be ruined by a sudden rain, suede bags are by far one of the most beautiful types to wear to bring a winter touch to our outfit!

Ted Baker Round Bag

It seems a lifetime has passed since this type of bag made its way into the market. We are talking about wheel bags, which, compared to the straw wheel bags of the early days, have increasingly become a real gem, bringing a touch of greater refinement and attention to detail, which make it more particular than its shape itself!

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