Andie Swim is making waves in swimwear

The online-only swimwear retailer recently raised $2.3 million, and annual sales have risen 500 percent year on year since its launch in April 2017.

Only online women’s swimwear retailer andie Swimming wants to make it easier-and even more enjoyable-to buy the right swimsuit. “the shopping experience for swimwear has been broken,” said Melanie Travis, founder and chief executive of Andy Swimming. She said she set out to fix it and saved shoppers a chance to go to the store, which was often a frustrating experience when she tried to find a swimsuit at the right price and age. The swimwear retailer sells products directly to consumers on It offers 26 swimsuits and 135 sku, which will be added to 225 sku. when it launches its new resort line in November Travis said Andy Swimming, which was launched in April 2017, saw sales rise 500 percent year on year, but declined to provide specific data. “Swimming is a fragile way to buy,” Travis said. That’s why has a search feature for her own size and personal style that can help shoppers find andie styles that fit her size and personal style.

The matchmaker’s question-and-answer session asks shoppers a series of five questions: does she have an hourglass, pear, long, thin figure or apple figure; does she like to wear a swimsuit, two swimsuits or both; does she have a long or short torso; She likes to show off parts of her body; she plans to wear bathing suits, such as strolling around the pool, playing with children on the beach or playing on the beach. Play beach volleyball; and her personal style, such as classical, modern or simple. Once the result list is in the algorithm fit finder provides several styles for shoppers.

Retailers offer free delivery, return and exchange services, with no price thresholds, so shoppers can order as many swimsuits as they want if they are not sure which suits best. She can then return their swimsuits within 30 days. All orders were delivered via usps from the New Jersey distribution center. “Women don’t usually buy swimsuits in the window, they buy them when they need them, like an upcoming holiday or party.” So express transportation is very important, “Travis said. March 2018, Andy Swayze received $2.3 million in first-round funding from investors including actress Demi Moore and contact electronics retailer Jesse Horvitz. The round was led by venture capital firm Bianghe Capital and Sonostar Venture Capital.

A new look

To boost further growth and put some of the new money into use, Andy Swayze redesigned and relaunched his website on bigcommerce’s e-commerce platform in May 2018. Travis said the new site does not focus all the design work and resources on an overdesigned home page, but has more details on the product page. “We once had a photo to click on to learn the details of the swimsuit,” he said. Now, we have a rotating image of each product, “Travis said.”

The product details page also includes dimension guides, product details, horizontal visual lists of other customers’ favorite products, and customer reviews and questions provided by yotpo, a business company, integrated with bigcommerce. “many people don’t pull the trigger without comment. It has become a real whole, “Travis said.” The redesign also includes adding a question and answer for the finder, which is the front and center of the navigation bar with links to it throughout the site. Andy Swayze also launched a referral project for marketing platform extole, which is integrated with the bigcommerce platform. If shoppers share their purchases with friends or family members, they will receive $25 and shoppers will receive $25 for her next purchase.

As network traffic and conversions increase, new releases are rewarded. According to network measurement company livewebltd. In the six months before the restart, the number of visits to was less than 5000 a month (compared with 14700 in January 2018). The number of visits to Andy Swimming has risen from 12000 to more than 45000 a month since May. In addition, the site’s conversion rate increased by 250, returning users increased by 300, thanks in large part to the website’s redesign and large-scale marketing, Mr. Travis said. Travis said: “We beat our goal with the craziest expectations.” “right now, we are at the end of the big season we’ve just had.” So now we’re back in the process, finding out what works and what doesn’t. “part of the process is to update the collection with new styles and colors, including the Holiday Village series released in November and the new silhouette of spring 2019,” Travis said.

Andy Swayze also plans to focus on Australia in November, the start of his summer season. “We did a test in Australia last summer and we sold a limited number of swimsuits just to understand the popularity of Australian brands.” But it’s a new thing in terms of size and ambition, “Travis said.” After that, Travis said, it will seek further expansion in European countries and add another distribution center to further support its growth.

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