Hottest Miami Swim Week

Miami Beach -Miami Swimming week is the most popular swimming event anywhere, from runways to trade shows. Former Paleso has performed outside the Miami Beach Museum, including the Miami Beach Museum. Outside Paleso, the CBS 4 is at a special peak of diving. Miami Swimming week’s hottest summer swimsuit appears at the Miami Beach Museum. Swimming runway fashion show. Miami Swimming week. “Swimming is a good business. We have a lot of things here. Everything swims in the Miami Sea.” On the beach, “said salestojanovic, co-founder of local designer pariso.luli hanniian. She has been showing off Luli Fama (luli fama) ‘s swimsuit for 10 years. ” It’s unbelievable. This is the biggest exposure. “We have a year,” Lu Li said. “this allows us to bring the brand to the world,” Lu said. Lu Li has been inspired this season in Spain, from red and white bikini to sexy lace. “We rehearse and we always give the market a new look in the summer.” At 10:00 on Saturday night, the brand created by Lobsang Gis designer Ali Hoffman (ali hoffmann), called Ali Hoffman (ali hoffmann), was very popular. Young people, including the Kardashian family, have created a huge stir for the company. “this is crazy. It did help us launch and explode our own brand and let us promote our brand to many other celebrities. ” “Swimming week was a good year for her,” Hoffman said. “it will bring a good atmosphere to all brands and satisfy our customers,” Hoffman said. We are in an industry.


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