Plus the large size style uses a very sexy swimsuit buckle to highlight her “flowless”

The body confident movement continues to gather momentum.

Together with the size model, Diana Sirokai is the latest Instagram star to support the event.

The curved blockbuster was stripped of the swimsuit before opening her insecurities.

Her fans thanked her for her honesty, and many said her posts helped them overcome their self-esteem.
In her latest Instagram video, Diana puts a free makeup picture.

Posing in a hot tub, the natural beauty wears a plunge swimsuit to show off her figure.

Although the 22-year-old looks amazing in the photo, she admits that she was dissatisfied with certain areas of the photo.

Before declaring: “I no longer feel insecure,” she hovered over her different body parts, including her arms, abdomen and thighs.
When Diana explained the reason behind her, she wrote: “If you swipe your card, you can see things that made me feel unsafe not long ago.

“But I gave up my opinion on my ‘defects’ (by the way, this is my strength), because I don’t like how insecurities make me feel.

“So I decided to focus on things that made me feel good, like @PrettyLittleThing’s bikini.

“I feel that I am dressed very well, so here I show it to everyone, not because of my ‘defects’ and avoid the world.”

In the past day, more than 28,000 Instagram users liked their body confidence.
Many people agree with Diana’s appearance, others praise her for being an “inspiration” about self-esteem.

One commenter commented: “You don’t have any insecurities. You are beautiful.”

The other said: “Always kill the game. You are my inspiration.”

The third person added: “You are my role model.”

Diana is not the only famous advocate for active physical activity.
Last month, plus size blogger Laura Ferry talked about her most important tips on self-confidence on Daily Star Online.

Social media stars revealed: “It takes time to build your own body confidence. Start with a small goal that can be achieved and smash it.

“Let yourself recognize how great an achievement is and build it from there.

“If you have never worn a swimsuit around the pool before, wear a nice swimsuit.

“Orders are loaded online in different styles and sizes and tried on in a comfortable home.

“Choose the one that makes you feel the best; remember what you think is important.”

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