This Dress Gives A MAJOR Clue About Dolores’ Westworld Season 2 Fate

Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) doesn’t have much choice in her closet for most of her life. That’s because Dolores doesn’t have much choice in anything. As the Android console for the Western World theme park, Dolores’s sole purpose is to serve as a plaything for abusive guests with excessive disposable income. She (and many of the players she inspired) started the season wearing a long blue dress with a brown belt on the floor. Then, when she enters vigilante mode, she wears khakis and a button-that’s the diversity of the wardrobe. But don’t do this again, baby. Dolores slowly realized his consciousness all the time last season. With her creator Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) assassinated, Dolores made her first “big girl” choice, now a free bird. Somewhere Pinocchio glared with envy.

Now that her mind has been freed from the coded cage, her body is likely to be freed from the bondage of the West Beijing World Park. Dolores’s role in season 2 has a major clue to her dress. For a moment (2:09) in the trailer, Dolores was seen sitting in front of a piano in a white body-building dress with a collar-the same dress Angela (Tallula Riley) wore when visiting William in the Western World. At first Angela thought William was a very well-dressed man. William only when Angela said to him, “do you really understand, William?” When she realized Angela was a host? All our masters come for you: including me. ”

As we now know, the owners of the Western world have different uniforms for different environments. Western world hosts working at the Meza Center-like Angela, seem to be aware of their Android status-in naked white dresses. Only robots can keep this dress clean, right? The simplicity of this dress, especially in contrast to the elaborate 19 th century dress in the Western world, has its unique significance. Guests entering the western world want to be pulled into a 360-degree, full-immersion illusion. Hosts are at the heart of this fantasy: they wear historically accurate costumes and don’t know they’re robots. But Angela realized that she was a robot, and that her stylish, futuristic attire sent another message to human guests about to enter the park: “you’re in a technologically advanced future, there,” Things like self-conscious robots are possible. ” “be ready to be surprised.” According to the picture of her dress, Dolores is now on the other side of the fence.

So what does this dress choice mean for Dolores’s future? Ostensibly, after the last host-led massacre of the season, the West was in chaos. After the massacre, did Dolores manage to break free of the Western world? Is she pretending to be a passionate master and is planning to take over the control center? Did the other owners attack Meza Center? Or would Dolores be “reassigned” to the Meza center if the host’s rebellion was quelled (which seemed impossible)? It is worth noting that dolores is not the only one wearing this dress. As one editor points out, Tessa Thompson (tessa thompson), who plays Charlotte Hale, also wears a white dress similar to a neckline and a behind-the-scenes close-up.

Charlotte, if you remember, is the executive director of the tourist destination Committee. She’s a big shot, isn’t she? What’s she doing in her master’s clothes? Remember, this is the Western world, a human nature is never born. There is speculation that Charlotte is actually a host. Maybe Thompson’s dress was a coincidence. But is there any coincidence in the Western world? Not if you look closely.

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