Swimwear for you summer party

Somehow, Miami has a weekend every year, with more bikinis than usual. Ah, yes, the victory of Swimming week is right before us.

There will be models. There will be a runway. There will be two, one, never seen before. You, I hope, at the next six parties, you have a drink in your hand. Come on in. The water’s good.

If you like charity, if you wear Godress and fetchshe’s clothes on the runway in the Santa AI courtyard under the sky in Miami, go to your party. The open bar is also very helpful.

If you like post-event parties, what do bikini models do after the runway? Obviously, they’ll go to Rockwell for a baby party with lolli swimming, beach riots, and show me your mummy. Expect djs, all kinds of drinks, and people wearing swimsuits long after sunset.

If you go to barbecue, on a standard lazy Sunday barbecue. A lazy Sunday barbecue Vietnamese variety with Asian-inspired food and drink .djs can also inspire you to dance on deck or pool, or both. To fight for it.

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