Slay The Scene Like A Street Style Pro – 8 Fashion Tips To Level Up Your Look

Leveling up your look is all about adopting trends and playing with mix-and-matches that work best to reflect your authentic self. You can get inspiration from fashion influencers, celebrities, and, of course, street stylers. When your creativity gets stuck, street style is definitely the best stop that can revive your style imagination.

Street style is like an endless fashion stage that never stops presenting gorgeous and trendy styles. That’s actually the appeal of street style, where everyone can express their personal style in any piece. If you are interested in experimenting with your unique style, do it and make the street style your own stage. To help you create your style with confidence, here are 8 fashion tips that can level up your look like a street style pro!

1. Know Your Personal Style

It is essential to build your authentic style by knowing your personal preferences. You shouldn’t lose your identity just because you want to follow the trending style. However, the style that best suits your own character and sense of fashion will make you more confident and comfortable to wear. Start building your signature style by looking for inspiration from the internet, social media, and celebrities whose style you adore. If you know your personal style, it will be easier to determine what kind of trends you will adopt.

2. Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Fashion trends rotate all the time. Every few months new trends emerge, whether they are actually something new or old trends that make a comeback. If you want to always look stylish and trendy, make sure you don’t miss any of the trends that are currently the main topic of conversation.

You don’t always have to clone current fashion trends, but keeping an eye on what’s trending can actually give you new ideas for your outfits. Just take certain trends that you can incorporate into your personal style. Mix and match as necessary to level up your look, too.

3. Invest In Versatile Fashion Items

Shop and fill your wardrobe selectively. It’s not just about buying what’s trending seasonally, but rather paying for versatile items that you can wear for longer. When shopping for clothes, instead of choosing items that you can only wear for a certain occasion, opt for minimalist and timeless designs that are more flexible to wear for any style and trend. You can always add mix-and-match accessories and it won’t be the same look.

Additionally, choose quality clothing instead of fast fashion. High-quality fabrics, regardless of type and texture, will allow you to wear them many times without them looking worn. But, of course, this must be supported by proper clothing care to maintain the color and softness of the fibers.

4. Wear Flattering Accessories

Whether you realize it or not, accessories are an essential part of every stunning street-style outfit. They say accessories can level up your look instantly. And it’s proven, that adding a few little details, like stylish sunglasses, a belt, or a beret, can elevate your overall style. Jewelry, from necklaces to earrings, can also be relied on to make you more fashionable. The key is to choose a design that suits the style you want to accentuate.

5. Experiment With Layers

Layering is one of the keys to getting a gorgeous street-style look. Don’t get bored of experimenting, and layering different items until you find the perfect combination that suits your personal style. Try the trendy combination of a formal blazer and wide-leg jeans, it will create a low-key appeal that elevates your look. You can also adopt the see-trough style which is currently at the top of the trend. Just layer a see-through blouse over a bralette or crop top, and you’re ready to rock the stage!

6. Play With Texture And Color

Either choose one or both, playing with textures and colors in your outfit will make it look more flattering. If you’re wondering how to get the perfect combination, stick to these two rules. First, use a limited color scheme if you want to experiment with different textures. The second rule, combine different colors if you use similar textures in your outfit.

Regardless of the fabric texture and color you choose, wear any pieces that make you feel good about yourself. There is nothing more important in fashion than wearing what suits your personal style and taste.

7. Upgrade Your Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is one way to level up your look like a street-style pro. Even though they are worn as footwear, the choice of shoes needs to be thought out well. Each type of shoe can create a different impression, from formal, and casual to elegant. Make your choice based on the style you present while still prioritizing your comfort. Whether it’s a pair of killer heels, boots, or sneakers, when combined perfectly they will achieve a totally fabulous style.

8. Be Confident!

Confidence is the best outfit. No matter what you wear, confidence is a staple for any style. To boost your self-confidence, you can start by choosing any item that is most comfortable for you to wear, whether in terms of material, color, design or style.

Stay authentic and embrace your personal style. The comfort you feel when wearing your outfit will improve your mood and self-confidence. It will level up your look and influence how others perceive you.

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