Everybody loves the summer season, the heat, and the fun activities that have been taken away by winter. It is the season where everybody starts to pull off their bucket list. Why is that? It is because the weather allows us to. Despite all the fun activities we can do in summer, we can’t fight against the heat and humidity of the air.

If there is one thing that I don’t want every summer, that’s the excruciating sun rays and heat. So it is tough to wear all the clothes that I wish to even if I have leisure because I need to reconsider the comfort of my dress.

Good thing, I was able to find out some of the tips that I always follow when it comes to my fashion to stay cool, even in summer! So have a taste of some of the coolest ideas that you can do this season!

Did you Know?

1. Go With Light Color Dress

Have you ever heard how light color fabrics and clothes tend to reflect light and heat? Yes, it is true! One of the tips that you can do when it comes to choosing your attire is color. Ensure that you often wear a light-colored top to lessen the feeling of heat and be more comfortable outside. There are lots of light-colored dresses that you can try to stay fashionable even so! Here is an example:

You’ll surely love this off-the-shoulder dress with a plunging neckline this summer. It is not just your ordinary white dress; it is so cozy and light that it brings a sexy silhouette.

A white dress is also popular and often seen at formal events and gatherings. Not just is it good to lessen the heat; this kali nu side bead trim midi dress looks sophisticated and luxurious too. Wear it at your friend’s wedding, and you’ll noticeably catch everyone’s attention.

2. Choose Your Fabric

You should also choose the fabric of your clothes this summer. For example, it is recommended to wear a cotton fabric shirt or dress because it helps absorb sweat, aside from it is light and breathable.

We know that cotton fabrics help absorb sweat much more if your dress is comfortable and cozy; you’ll avoid sweating all over your body even when the weather is warm. Try this crop top shirt that is 95% cotton and 5% elastane. You can wear and pair it with jeans, and having some cute caps will change your outfit to the next level.

3. Style With A Hat

Let us go for caps as part of our accessory this summer season! It reflects heat and sunrays that protect our skin and face from the scorching sun. Depending on your style and preference, there are lots of caps that you can choose to stay chic this season.

4. Wear Your Shorts

Of course, the best way to stay cool this summer is never to suffocate yourself with layers and overwhelming outfits. If you don’t have anywhere to go, always try to wear shorts. There are shorts that you can wear outside for casual occasions or walks. This short shorts from tobi.com is so cute, and you can have them with a sleeveless shirt, caps, and sneakers.

Whatever the occasion you’ll be going this summer, keep in mind that there are styles that you can go with to make you feel and look cool!

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