Stylish Shoe Ideas to Try This Summer

 Shoes are one of the items that women like the most. They are essential to compose a good final look and to bring well-being to those who use them. With each new season of the year, new trends in this market end up appearing and with summer, it would not be different.

Understanding personal taste

Each person is unique and fashion preferences are no different. When the consumer is going to choose a shoe, it is always important to pay attention to some factors. One of the most relevant factors is personal preferences. That’s because there are some women who can’t do without high heels and others who prefer more casual shoes. Understanding and respecting personal taste is a fundamental way to choose which trend is most suitable for each one.

General trends

Summer is a lively and colorful season. People tend to go out more often to the street, to the beach, to the pool, to clubs and squares. And so this season’s general trends tend to follow this colorful and vibrant lineage. Pieces with vibrant colors, neon colors, sparkles, floral prints, bows, and pearls are some very common examples that appear in this season’s pieces.

Types of shoes that are in vogue

The footwear market is always innovating and creating new models to be presented to the public. On the catwalks, it’s common to see what’s new through the models and then when we go to the stores, choose and try which one fits each taste.

This summer, flashy and feminine styles are what will be in vogue, and knowing each one of them well is essential to choose the trends that best fit each one’s style.


Good news for papete lovers, this trend that dominated the summer and winter of 2022 will continue to rise.

However, it is not a big surprise, as these shoes are synonymous with comfort, so they could not be off the list.

Not to mention that versatility is another great hallmark of papete, it is possible to find several versions, such as, for example, more neutral, with natural materials, lashings, tractors, sport, flatform, colored, and with stones in its most glam version.


Like papete, platforms were the hit of 2022 and will of course continue into 2023.

There are several versions available, whether half-paw, full platform, block heel, stiletto heel, square or round toe, it’s an unparalleled variety.

An important detail is that the models are conquering more and more space, especially the sandals with straps and patent high heels.


Probably, the moccasin as a 2023 trend is not a surprise, since we are talking about one of the most comfortable and practical shoes in the world.

The trend now is to use these shoes in street style looks, from their traditional model to the tractorado, including this last model is super suitable for those who have a lot of styles.

The moccasin is a great example of a versatile shoe, as it combines perfectly with more basic or elegant looks, transitioning between styles.


The clog is another model straight from the 2000s, which came back with everything for our summer of 2023 because it’s a good thing that fashion is cyclical and brings out incredible trends like this one.

Several fashionistas are already using the piece and showing the different versions, whether neutral, colorful, slide style, or flip flops.

Geometric Heel

Of course, the geometric heel could not be missing, a modern and breathtaking trend.

And let’s talk about a specific model that is making all the success, the flare, which is also known as the cup.

It’s a perfect piece for anyone who likes stylish shoes and can help compose unique and sophisticated looks.

Knowing the fashion trends for the summer is essential for anyone who wants to be fashionable and stylish. Knowing each model well allows each person to find the one that best suits their personal taste. Shoes are a very important item to better express your personality in a look and following the trends is the certainty that you will be looking for a fashionista and current style.

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