Here Are The Hairstyles You Can Try In Summer

Summer has finally arrived for the joy of those who like hot and sunny days. Although the season is full of fun moments with the beach, pool, and high spirits, high temperatures can cause some unpleasant sensations, such as increased skin oiliness, the appearance of pimples, and the most common of all: excessive sweating! And nobody likes the feeling of hair stuck to the back of their neck, do they? Therefore, many of us end up surrendering to the scissors and changing our look, or to the easy hairstyles that save us on hot days.

Hairstyles for summer 2023

The summer of 2023 promises to be a year full of hairstyles that get your hair out of your face and help you stay relatively cooler on warmer days. There are several hairstyles that can help to beat the heat and also make the person more stylish. In addition to the classics we’re used to, like the high ponytail or the messy bun, there are other easy hairstyles that will keep you fresh and add flair to your look. They are simple options, but perfect to upgrade your beach, pool, or afternoon walk look.

Built-in braid

Romantic, this hairstyle remains a trend for a long time. This is because it is quite versatile and yields good results for those who use it creatively. The hairstyle can be used with mini flowers, for example, a bow can also be a good complement or even with points of light or rhinestones.

Gladiator braids

Social media darlings, this braid style is very modern and stylish. The look can be even more fun if elastic bands or colored garters are used. This hairstyle became famous especially on social media because, in addition to being perfect for the summer, they yield good photos in the media.

Messy ponytail

Comfy style, this hairstyle is very fresh and practical to do because whoever does it doesn’t have to worry too much about aligning the strands (since the idea is to have a messy style anyway) which becomes totally practical and quick to do.


The summer favorite, they allow a lot of comfort and freshness for those who wear them. That’s because the hair is totally stuck. Another very practical example, it doesn’t require much experience for those who use it and also doesn’t have many secrets to do, just curl your hair, put some hairpins and that’s it.

Two buns

Quite irreverent and differentiated, this style of hairstyle will bring a totally fun look to those who use them, in addition to of course enormous well-being, since the hair will be completely tied up leaving the neck and ears completely exposed, wants a fresh and stylish solution, with I am sure you will be delighted with this option.

There are many more hairstyle suggestions on the Capricho website.

How to make your hairstyle last longer

To make the hairstyle last longer, bet on a good setting spray with a wet effect. you can finish the look by leaving the strands loose or using bobby pins to give it a special touch. If you want a more sophisticated look, you can tie your hair in a bun or low ponytail. Once dry, just remove the accessories (or not). When the hair dries, it will retain its shiny effect and the style it was styled into.

Summer is a season that is quite hot and if we don’t have our hair well tied, we can experience a little more heat and difficulty. Being on top of trends and news in the area of hairstyles can be a differential when it comes to knowing how to organize our strands. Gone are the days when only the bun and the traditional ponytail existed, the hairstyle market has grown a lot and nowadays we can count on functional options that can also give a totally stylish touch to our appearance.

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