Summer Must-Have: Cute Crop Tops with Shorts Fashion

Let’s face it; the crop top is best for the summer season because this is the time you’ll feel most comfortable with it. Can’t wear it in winter or spring? The weather will become your mortal enemy for that season.

A crop top should always be present and be a part of your wardrobe collection! The sexy and appealing appearance it brings makes it popular amongst others. One fun fact: there is no age limit in owning a crop top. No matter what the design of crop tops you have, you’ll indeed become chic.

Most importantly, if you’re able to match it with short shorts, right? So here are some of the best mixes and matching outfits that you can go with your crop top.

1. Cropped Vest Top and Sweatshorts

This blue plain crop vest top is so cute, simple, and chic. Pairing it with matching color shorts will make your outfit more appealing. If you don’t have anything to do, relaxing at your house with this outfit will make you comfortable even in the summer season.

2. Crop Top in Floral Print

A crop top is an excellent way to make yourself cozy while walking outside or do your malling. If you’re confident to show a bit of your skin, this floral print crop top is a must-have. You can pair it with denim shorts and white sneakers. The plunging neckline will become your leverage for a sexy and daring look.

3. Puff Shoulder Sleeve Crop Top

Of course, if you’re a crop top lover, you should have this puff-sleeve crop top in your possession. Adding this to your wardrobe collection will open up lots of choices for dressing up nicely and comfortably. The puff-sleeve design looks chic and can hide your underarms if you’re not feeling confident showing it out to everyone.

4. Paired Crop Cami and Terry Shorts

If your goal is to wear a crop top with short shorts, you should look for a matching pair. These cropped cami and terry shorts come in a set with the same color and materials. In addition, the spaghetti straps give a new dimension to its look, leaving you a sexier appearance. Finally, have a nice pair of sneakers or sandals to complete this get-up, ideal for casual barbeque parties or garden events with friends.

5.Light and in Ivory Crop Top

A crop top comes with lots of varieties. Most are designs for casual and outdoor, but some are perfect for semi-formal events as well. You’ll look lovely with this sally exposed stitch crop top with denim shorts together with some accessories like earrings and a necklace as your fashion piece statement.

A crop top can get you anywhere without making you feel awkward and out of place. A woman who is confident enough with their figure will never miss owning one of these. So not even in summer, the crop top is there and will always be for any season.

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