Pants with Small Feet and Short Boots, Wear Boyfriend Style

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Sometimes we find ourselves tidying up some of our boyfriend’s clothes in his wardrobe. And we find garments that make us ask the question “can I wear these pants too? They don’t seem too wide and they tighten enough at the waist. And then the elastic on the ankles helps me to shorten the model”. In short, all thoughts that lead us to steal some garments from his wardrobe. And wear them because we are curious to see how they fit.

It is true that most of the time the garments we take are always loose, at least in my case. And all we can do is transform a sweatshirt or shirt into a dress, using some stratagem such as a belt or something that allows us to hold it tightly without dangling too much. But it must be said that the garment we are about to deal with in this article is different from the usual garments because pants with small feet are perfect for creating an outfit without anyone realizing that you are wearing a man’s garment. We can then take a run among the few shoes of our boy and steal that pair of short boots that you so much want to wear. Without worrying about the size: there are many tricks to overcome this obstacle. Such as putting cotton inside of the toe of the shoe.

Once this is done, it remains to understand how to complete the entire outfit. Deciding what to wear on the top. A crop top is certainly the simplest and fastest solution but this does not imply that it is the only one. In fact, even a bodysuit with a beautiful V-neckline can represent a valid alternative. As well as a sweatshirt or a sweater, thus creating a very sporty look. Since we are on these tracks, the colors that can be used for your tops all depend on the color of your boyfriend’s pants with small feet. But nobody forbids you to dare with neon colors or with very particular prints. Say yes to voluminous coats and jackets, like bomber jackets, or short ones like cropped jackets, better in leather in this case.

Since the masculine part is a lot in this outfit, you have to balance everything by adding feminine accessories too. So that the masculine and feminine parts of your outfit are in perfect balance! So say yes to earrings, wheeled, long or whatever you like, the important thing is to stay behind the trends of the moment. And if your top allows it, add a necklace, a few bracelets, and rings. For this very rapper style, a lot of importance must also be given to your make-up. It becomes vitally important to wear highlighter, even on the arms. Buy one of those for the body if you don’t have it, make a nice heavy smokey eye, and wear a lipstick that is very visible on your outfit, relying more on dark colors than on the clear ones.

Don’t forget to put your pants with small feet and short boots back in place before your boyfriend notices it. And don’t make the mistake of owning them!

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