Victoria Justice Explains Why Posing For Bathing Suit Photo Left Her Backside Sore

Victoria Franks is happy to feel a little uncomfortable getting the perfect snapshot of her swimsuit. The 25-year-old winner, who has been posting photos of her swimsuit on instagram for part of the summer, recently discovered that beauty is painful when she takes pictures by the beach. Victoria fall shared two photo slides on instagram on Thursday. In a photograph last week, she found beauty painful. On Thursday, Victoria Farr shared two photo slides on instagram. In the photo, she is shaking a swimsuit with patterns of white, red, blue, purple and silver stripes. It has a thin spaghetti band, a silver ring accent, and a V-neck hanging down the middle of the ribs. According to a instagram post shared by Victoria on Friday, the suit was designed by Aibo.

In her first slide, Victoria stands in a rocky background with her arms raised and a pair of white framed sunglasses around her swimsuit neck. In the second photo, she lies sideways on a rough boulder. Victoria said her bumpy seaside seat made her ass sore and red.

“this heat wave reminds me of Bermuda … “I’d love to go back to the water. And I don’t think I’ve ever been as uncomfortable as the second photo, “Victoria wrote in a post on instagram. “the stone was so painful that it wasn’t my best decision. I have red marks on my ass. ”

Just like jared jr. A series of recent swimsuit photos posted on Victoria Jared (victoria justice) ‘s instagram page were taken in Baimoud. She and her sister, McGrady (maddy), have been invited to join the e-commerce retailer’s annual summer trip, where girls also have to bask in the sun and bask on a beautiful beach on a private island.

Rotation has a unique marketing strategy to sell wax, according to the Women’s Wear Daily. The company sends social media influencers such as Victoria and maddy to a scenic spot for “13-day lunches, beach parties and sightseeing.” In return, Victoria and McGrady wore different swimsuits and put them on the spinning grounds in exchange for two tickets to heaven. Other famous faces on this summer’s spin trip include Ashley Tisdale, Emesson, Shanena Shayk and Daya Michel.

According to the smile on Victoria Fage’s face in the travel photos, her free holiday seems to be worth a brief tender trip to help her sell her swimsuit.

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