Winter Hairstyles for Any Face Shape

With the temperature freezing out there and you wish that you can bundle up in your comforter without having to leave your house, but you have to go out for work or grocery runs, the last thing you are worried about is your hair. Having said that, there is a way to keep your face warm during winter and that is with bangs. Yes, you will be surprised that these face-framing fringe peeking out from beneath your hat are going to be rays of sunshine to keep you warm and fuzzy.

Best of all, this winter’s biggest hair trends are a modern take on major throwback styles. They are none other than the iconic 70s and 90s hairstyles that are making a huge comeback. Some of the examples we have been seeing on the red carpet and on social media include J.Lo’s bouncy blowouts and Anne Hathaway’s classic French fringe. These celebrities’ looks are a blast of the past with a few tweaks to make them look fresh and trendy.

Are you ready to discover the best winter hairstyles to refresh in the winter months ahead? Ahead are some winter haircut inspirations.

The French Fringe

This popular French look is wispy, effortless and tres’ chic. This hairstyle is one for the books and will never go out of style. The French fringe is especially flattering on round faces as they are soft around the edges. The angle of the bangs creates more length in the face and this style looks great with hair of all lengths. It is much easier to style during the colder months. This fringe requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking as effortless as possible. The bangs have to be trimmed often and the usage of flat irons is a must to it some texture.

The Bob

No change feels quite as intense as having a major haircut as a dramatic cut can transform your whole identity. While it is scary to make the chop, it is just hair and will always grow back. 2023 is the year for bob. The classic short haircut has endless variations. Bob can be fun, elegant, and sophisticated. The blunt bob is a top choice for everyone who wants to go for a short hairstyle this new year.

90’s Layers

Long 90’s era layers are always a good idea. When styled correctly, they look bouncy and fresh. In order to achieve this look, give can it a volumizing blow.   The 90’s look will be the reigning cut this season and for good reasons which will you soon find out. There is something pretty and soft about this look even if left to air dry naturally. As such, you don’t need to style it every day.

The Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to committing to a signature style because, after all, she is the one who made the ‘Rachel Green’ haircut famous. The infamous hair style comprised the classic face-framing layers that cup the face. A modern tweak to this style is a shorter front that starts from the nose to the jawline and is bent underneath to hug the face. This style accentuates specific facial features. Hailey Bieber has been seen channeling Jennifer Aniston’s iconic cut with choppy face-framing layers. 

70s Curtain Bangs

We thought we would never see the day but curtain bangs are having a moment for winter. Although the modern version is not the exact copy of the original 70’s style, curtain bangs do have a cool nostalgic vibe which is what makes it appealing. As the name suggests, curtain bangs are slightly gown out longish bangs that part in the middle like curtains. They are longer than the usual fringe and are less maintenance. Curtain bangs are a great way to freshen up a hairstyle and they suit long or short hair, and almost any face shape out there. 

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