Sister. In this article, my sister McGrady and I discussed why we wanted to wear two swimsuits, but you’ll find that we’re still on the beach this summer. Look what we think of bikini! Summer is coming and the beach is calling our names! Maddy, my sister, interned at Disney World in Florida at the end of the month, Joseph and I. We will ride the roller coaster (this will be my first visit to the amusement park-I know) and spend the day on the beach.

I will soon pack my suit box, and a lot of people are thinking about what I want to pack-mainly because our airline will charge us for the suitcase, so I decided to pack everything in my backpack. Now I decided to read a good book on the beach, because my biggest fear is fish, so I probably don’t spend much time in it. water But to be honest, the most difficult decision on the package is what to pack in a swimsuit. I wear a swimsuit every year. I also often wear sports shorts on swimsuit underpants. But this year I have more confidence in my body than ever, because it was a long journey. I’m not that kind of person. Only one-McGrady and I both think they want to buy a two-piece suit. Because we grew up wearing only one suit, this is a new thing for us. So we started to do some research, not to see which two look the best, and whether it’s best to buy one. We begin with some of the works of Pope John. Paul II, as an expert on human dignity, we know he will speak of humility.

“well, if we want to make a moral judgment about a particular form of clothing, we have to start with the particular function they serve. When a person uses this form of clothing in accordance with its objective function, we cannot claim that it contains anything unmodest, even if it involves partial nudity. The use of clothing outside the proper context is immodest and inevitable. For example, there is nothing unmodest to wear in a bathing suit, but wearing it on the street or for a walk is against the requirements of modesty “(love and responsibility 191-192). The first question we have to ask ourselves is what the swimsuit does-basically it comes down to beach activity, swimming. In this podcast, two priests also discussed the function of swimsuits. “I think a lot of this has to do with the use of swimsuits. Swimsuits are for swimming, but for many bikinis or even a piece of clothing, swimming is even a dangerous choice without falling out of the suitcase. So, these are. “- McGrady was right-I’m often frustrated with the definition of a suit these days. Sometimes two clothes can be covered with more than one. The suit you see today in a store or on the beach, unlike its function, fits the minimalist description. They provide the smallest cover with a minimum of cloth. Can you replace them with two pieces of clothing? Swimming suits accomplish their functional purpose without minimalism? McGrady thinks so, and so do I.

Are there two things you can be modest about? I think it’s like this. Tankiis, rash guards, and reins can all swim on top-they create the purpose. If a few inches of skin show up, is that rude? I don’t think so As long as the woman’s intention is pure-to swim, not to show off her body-she’s fine.-crazy, so we started looking for two swimsuits, functional swimming, not showing our bodies. We searched pinterest and found our favorite. Although all our favorite clothes are reminiscent of 90’s jazz or grandmother’s panties, we are all fascinated by them. How big is the gap between the top and the bottom? Can someone have a desire for the gap between the top of the high neck and the high waist and buttocks? Even if this “1” or “2” exposes the stomach is not a fair determinant or functional argument-after all, some people are opened by their feet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t walk barefoot on the beach.

But neither of us are going to buy one for this summer and our beach adventure together. Even though we really, really want to. 

Why? It’s a heart problem. It’s not that these two pieces show too much – it reveals too little. Pope John Paul II wrote extensively about humility in his body discussion theology. Bikini doesn’t reveal the value of a woman as a daughter of God. It doesn’t reveal her clever mind. Beautiful heart and eternal soul. It only reveals that although her body is attractive in two bathing suits, or our body fits the beach in summer, we are not defined as “hot”, “fit” or “attractive”. We can describe our body in two fragments. Our figure is not our greatest success. Just how we kiss the sun (or the sun gets sunburned), we see how “hot”, “fit” or “attractive” the bottom is. Our figure is not our greatest achievement. How the sun kisses us (or the sun gets sunburned). Summer and where the sunlight falls are not the sum total of our existence. We’re not just our bodies, we’re not just our skin color – no matter what society screams at us in advertising, billboards and fitness – fast ten-day programs on Facebook. As Christians, we are called to love each other, which means sacrifice. So, do you love your fellow Christians and buy a less conspicuous bathing suit? Can you sacrifice your wishes without leading them to a time of imminent sin? Love is putting the other in front of you if If you can’t wear it, can you sacrifice your desire? What does your heart mean by another modest bathing suit? “- McGrady wearing two clothes is not a’man’s problem’or a’woman’s problem’. Helping each other is a human problem. The question of women being openly objectified in the fashion industry and throughout the world has never been solved by finger-painting.” We should think of our interaction with others as a personal problem. Helping each other ascend. It requires a common effort to find ways to blame that do not help improve the situation. Women are beautiful because we are defined by our father’s love for us. So if we are beautiful, why cover our bodies? Not because our bodies are terrible. This summer we put on another dress because we want people in the pool, or our companions, to see us and appreciate us, No. It’s because of our body, but because we are the son of God.

Does Mady and I’s love of a high waisted two piece swimsuit mean that we’re leaning towards a modern view?  Or does the fact that we will still spend the summer in one-pieces mean that we’re old souls? You decide how this post is tagged – so go ahead and vote!

What are you plans for swimwear this summer? Let us know in the comments.

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