Five Australian swimwear brands to hit the beach in this summer

Since 85 percent of Australians live within 50 kilometers of the coast, Australians are in a perfect position to judge what is coolest in summer. Here are their most influential swimsuit designers today.

Australians live for beaches and swimming pools-85 percent live within 50 kilometers of the coast. Australia has more than 10,000 beaches on record and more than 1.2 million backyard swimming pools, which are reported to have the largest number of private swimming pools in the world.

Although both have long since moved into offshore hands, two of the world’s most iconic surfwear and swimwear brands – Quiksilver and Speedo – were born in Australia. In 2014 luxury behemoth LVMH snapped up a 70 per cent stake in Sydney swimwear brand Seafolly, Australia’s largest swimwear brand, which sells in 41 countries.

Of course, it is much easier to launch a swimsuit brand than it was when seafolly was launched in 1975. First, the number of active monthly users you can use instagram.instagram grew from 2013 to 2017 by 789 million to 800 million.

Coincidentally, the past decade has also witnessed an explosion in new Australian swim brands, which don’t need much of a travel budget to be able to produce their own aspirational, Instagram-worthy images of pretty girls in bikinis in spectacular locations. Getting your product onto the ultimate influencers, the Kardashian-Jenner clan, offers next-level exposure. More than one new Aussie swim brand can tick this off their wish list.

This is the general mobilization of five new swimming brands in Australia since 2014, including it girls and fashion insiders, second-generation and third-generation tailors and even a real estate developer.

Myra Swim

How does the swimsuit designer under radar attract attention? If you’re a former professional surfer on the Gold Coast, Biancai Lois Antilles (bianca elouise anstiss), you’re going to walk on a repulsive high-boobs, cleavage and trophies swimsuit and bikini collection. Take part in the Miami Swimming Show, the world’s largest swimsuit festival. Then, between dates, you flaunt your fitness curve on the beach. The Internet appeared on the Internet in July 2016. With paparazzi photos crazy, Antilles swims in her Mara brand.

It was launched in 2014, inspired by bold swimsuit tailoring in the 1980s and 1990s, such as five sports illustrations, swimsuit cover star Al McPherson (the brand’s iconic Al cruise is still a bestseller). In addition, a number of instagram selfies have appeared on Instagram, a public relations campaign for top stylists, who are bold, minimalist stars and have a minimalist instagram selfie. Perfect finish and plain color. The paparazzi pictures helped enlarge the cover. Emily Ratakovsky, Kim and Kaltini Kardashian, Karuche Trent, Sofia Ritchie and blac chyna are fans. It can be found at and more than a dozen Australian and international stockbrokers.

Aexae Swim

The brand was launched in 2016 by 21-year-old Sydney native Amelia Perez, who says her grandmother was a tailor to Governor Blazier and taught her how to make patterns. The brand also has a similar, perfect ultra-high cut single, bikini and one-shouldered blouse, the color is a block color, slightly higher coverage, lower prices. Perez also sold himself to 100000 viewers on instagram.

After similarly hooking up with a Los Angeles-based publicist, Aexae Swim has been photographed on names including Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Chanel Iman, Shay Mitchell, Sofia Richie and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, with coverage in British and Australian Vogue and Glamour UK. Kim Kardashian has been photographed in both white and black versions of Aexae’s bestselling beach-to-bar “Mercedes” bandeau top, teamed with leggings. Available at and

Her Line

Founded in 2014 by Sydney’s business and life partners tuyen nguyen and michael lim, an article by the New York Times (new york times) made her stand out in 2016. She was designed to compete with too much picky swimsuit style, either feminine pleats or sporting details.

In fact, the brand is more like minimalist lingerie, with signatures ranging from vintage high-waistlines to triangles or Bando bikini jackets to sleek ballet dresses, like cruise ships. These works are made of high-quality European materials and come in a sexy whole color palette. Made in Australia is part of her series-born in the Vietnamese manufacturing community in Sydney, where Professor Nguyen teaches how to plant seeds in the Vietnamese manufacturing community in Sydney. In her parents’ tailor’s room.

The Australian-born couple, however, had strong family ties with their Hong Kong parents after they first emigrated from Vietnam to Hong Kong, while Lin’s family moved from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and Macau. It can be found on her website-line. com and ssense.


In Australia, men’s swimsuits tend to be made into tight trunks or other brands-much like men’s swimming trunks-as Australians affectionately call them “parrot smugglers.” Join former real estate developer Richard Jarman (richard jarman) and his luxury men’s resort brand review. The 2016 review is one of eight new men’s wear brands Australia has chosen for “guest country Australia.” “at the Pitiumo exhibition in Florence last June.


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