Three swimwear styles set to make a splash this summer

From the bikini to the amazing vintage design, excited by the warm weather, these three swimsuit styles set off an eye-opener.

Bikini to amazing old-fashioned designs, inspired by warm weather, these three swimsuit styles are eye-opening.

“Classic bandeaus and sporty straight-across shapes are also on trend as well as effortless dive-in styles that do not have fussy ties.

“We’re also very excited that vintage-inspired, soft underwire bikini bras and high-waisted bottoms are making a resurgence.”

Tigerlily’s Voyage collection will get you in the swim spirit.

“Our Voyage collection pays homage to the free-spirited 1960s era and the glamorous lives of the jet-set,” Catherine says.

“it’s a retro style-inspired by modern distorted styles-with unique processing techniques in France, Spain and Italy, interesting and unexpected shapes, slightly camouflaged, fine embroidery details and custom hardware.” If your body is curved, choose the right bikini top for extra comfort, Catherine advises. “for those with curves, we love our new, delightful cpd.” “the long triangles, the sports Bianca bra and the feminine Al bra are all designed for larger breasts,” she said.

To sports figures, Catherine said, the style of Bandor gives the illusion of a larger chest. “for slimmer, more athletic people, we suggest you try our new straight boobs-through the Garden of Eden bikini bra, or our new sporty leggings named after Bikini Queen Al McPherson.” Said Catherine. Take this as the expert’s advice. Sitting on the higher buttocks gives the illusion of longer legs.

For those feeling a little self conscious ahead of bikini weather, Catherine says confidence is key no matter what you’re dressed in.

“I have always loved this quote: ‘Skin is sexy. Body shapes are sexy. It’s not the bikini. If a woman is sexy, she is sexy, no matter what she is wearing’ (from) Angela Missoni,” Catherine says.

“While having a beautiful, great-fitting bikini is essential, looking good in a swimsuit is all about having the right attitude.

“Hold your head up, walk proud and enjoy your time in the sunshine.”

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