A Guide to Finding Your Stylish Perfume

Every stylish girl knows that wearing the right perfumes is one of the most important beauty secrets. But how do you actually know what is good for you and which product will match your style and personality? How do you find the right scent for every day (when you go to school or to the office) and for a night out? Should you use different perfumes in summer and in the wintertime?

Perfume ads are always very beautiful and sophisticated however they don’t always help to make the right choice. If you feel overwhelmed with the selection of perfumes available on the market, don’t worry, we will explain step by step how to choose stylish perfumes that are right just for you.

Step 1 – Buy travel set

Many companies do offer special gift/travel sets where you can find trial sets of 4 or 5 different scents. This is a great way to start your journey to find your perfect scent.

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Step 2 – Ask for samples

Some stores offer complimentary samples of their products. Don’t be afraid to ask and try. It’s always best to see how the scent reacts with your skin and how you like it after a while.

Step 3 – Ask your girlfriends

Do you have a friend who always looks and smells amazing? Ask her for a piece of advice. See what perfumes she is using and then go to a store and see if they have a tester of this particular scent. Have a look at how it smells on your skin.

Step 4 – Pay attention to perfume ads

Perfumes are being advertised to certain groups of customers. Pay closer attention to the visuals, the mood, the age of the model, her clothes, behavior, message in the ad. Is this a type of woman that you can identify with? Is she similar to you or is she the ideal version of yourself? What does she represent? Is she sexy, seductive, or girly and innocent; does she like adventure, or is she more a city type? What type of clothes does she wear? What’s her personality? What colors are used in the ad?

Watching perfume commercials very closely will give you a great sense of the style of your chosen product. If you are a strong, confident person who loves minimalism, you probably won’t be attracted to fairy tail imaginary and sweet, floral scents. You wouldn’t choose a heavy, sexy scent in the morning when you are getting ready for an important presentation. If you like all things seductive and feminine then a simple, unisex scent will be too plain and boring for you. And so on…

Step 5 – Experiment

The best way to find your favorite perfumes for 2021 is just to keep trying various scents and see how they feel. Before you go shopping, carefully read the description or ask the salesperson to give you some tips. Many have several years of experience in the beauty industry and will be happy to share their recommendations as well as discuss current trends on the market. Good luck!

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