The ultimate swimsuit guide: Finding the best shape, color & style

What’s your problem area?

Everyone has something about their body that they think looks horrible in a swimsuit. My personal suit issue is that I’m double-b-lacking: No boobs + no butt = no bikini! Some women have issues with her thighs and consider the appropriate beach cover-up to be jeans — no exceptions. Other women have large chests, are very tall, or extra petite. And all of us seek the elusive perfect suit.

When looking for the ideal swimwear, typically, what you’re going for is something that makes you look good proportionally, that creates an hourglass figure, and will mask (or draws attention from) what you consider to be your trouble spots.

there are swimsuits that can make all body types look great, resulting in you being able to wear them with confidence! Here we offer the following tips to help you choose the most flattering swimsuit:

Tummy hider: If you want to camouflage your tummy, look for a suit that flatters and firms.  Shirring should be good, color blocking, asymmetrical patterns, and surplice suits are also ideal.

Large thighs: Find a suit that takes the eye away from that area. Skirted tankinis are a great option, as are swim dress suits or boy short suits (jogger style).

Hip issues: Here, you need to find a suit that flatters the leg. You should look for a suit that is cut up higher on the leg because it makes your hips look smaller. Dark bottoms are good. Also, try to find a suit that has interest across the top to take your eye away from the hip area.

Long torso: Suits are available in long lengths. Tankinis and two-piece suits are great for long torsos too. The emphasis at the waist takes the focus off the length of your torso.

Full bust: Don’t despair, ladies. There are many suites, both one- and two-piece that comes in D-F cups. These suits provide support and coverage and are very much in fashion. Vendors have come to realize that there are many full-busted gals out there who want great-looking suits. You can find them with and without wires and with tummy control if you desire.

Small bust: Many swimsuits will provide cleavage and fullness. To start, look for suits that have push-up cups or pads inside — that goes for one-piece and even bikinis. Shirring, ruffles, and embellishments across the bust also add some fullness.

Not quite sure where to begin your bathing suit adventure? Here are some simple shopping tips

Go shopping for a swimsuit on a day you are feeling confident and are in good spirits. “Selecting a suit will be all the easier if you feel good about yourself

Shop at a store where you feel comfortable. We all have a favorite store, and this is where you should buy your swimsuit — it will be easier to ask a sales consultant for help and spend the time you need to try on different styles.

Do not set limits — especially time limits. The more time you have, the smarter your final choice will be.

Avoid heavily-trafficked shopping periods, both to avoid the rush of crowds, but also so you have a chance to shop in relative privacy. The best time to go is on a weekday or early in the morning on the weekend.”


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