The best substitute for boring black swimsuits

Let us give you some inspiration: the thin (less inspirational: blond) swimsuit in the 1979 movie “10” stride along the beach. Legs of the high cut, undeniable sexy suit inserted in the neckline. But even if your taste is low, your own neutral swimsuit will make you stand out from the crowd. Photo: Everett collects naked, neutral, earthy hues-whatever you might describe, the freshest swimsuit of the season has shunned the bold summer swimsuit and opted for a more natural tone. Imagine the Mediterranean palette, where some swimwear designers are most considerate. For example: Minai Mediterranean, a year-old label created by half-Turkish sisters Sieber and Selena Patineo in New York. As Zelena explains, “our neutral palette is inspired by the hues and textures of nature: olive groves, natural stones, cobblestone beaches and the earth.” French swimmers also seized on the area as they chose the shadow of the summer, including marie-paule minchelli, the director of a clay brand studio that said the neutral inspiration came from “rocks along the La Spezia coastline.” At the same time, designer Mara Hoffman (mara hoffman) has created earthy light brown and peach patches this season, and inferred that these timeless tones are pleasant because they make you cautious. An inelegant way into nature: “merge with the neutral, you can be one with the neutral.” The beach is a little more. “call it a chic form of camouflage.


“Why is the color of the Mediterranean changing for a while,” Ms Minchelli boldly said? Swimming is usually either black, bright, or printed. The neutral color of the swimsuit is less expected. They add a complexity and versatility that you don’t usually get from highly saturated colors. The Patignio sisters went further: “they are subtle, so they are subtle. “really replenish every skin color,” Zelena said.

Ms Hoffman cautions that neutral colors are not a perfect choice. Women should be aware of their undertones when buying light-colored swimsuits to avoid fully exposed traps. While some people may like fake nude beach looks, the resulting double is not what most of us want. Create some contrast by choosing shades that are lighter or darker than your complexion (try shading if in doubt). In that memorable film, a piece by Ms. Derrick is not far from her tan, but you can see what she is wearing.

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