How does swimsuit change the swimsuit industry?

In May 2012, blogger gabi gregg called on larger women to share photos of themselves wearing two swimsuits, a term popular among body bloggers, but five years ago, Seeing a woman over 12 yards shaking two dresses-she affectionately called her fat-felt as aggressive as rolling over her. The private photo collection. Gregg showed slides of real women in swimsuits on, and soon became popular. It also sparked a new debate: if 67% of women were classified as adding code, why would it be so shocking that any one of them would put out two one-piece ads in a matter of weeks? The high-size swimsuit company, which suits everyone, approached Greg and asked her to design her own collection. At the time, all swimsuits were a small company that offered the same conservative suit as Ryan Bryant: a black swimsuit, and a trendy swimsuit for high-end retailers such as the affordable simple skirt. (monif c, which sold for more than $100. The company told gregg it wanted something it already knew customers would buy: a convertible that could wear either a low waist, a high waist, a skirt, or three. But Greg wants to bring more glamour. Their first collaboration features a vibrant galaxy that covers bikinis, lip prints, and zippers and tailoring designs. Women in these suits not only cover up, they also show off. The suit sold out in two days and all websites collapsed and immediately increased online traffic. At a speed of 74%. In the New York Post, Jezebel (jezebel), Huffington Post (huffington post) and the site. Photographer: Michael Edwards (michael edwards). “my partnership with swimwear was the first turning point in the larger swimwear industry. This is when people begin to notice that women who are not skinny also want younger, sexier choices. ” “until then, it was easy to ignore us,” Greg said. Our product line not only promotes the development of the market, but also shows the industry that we are a very profitable market. From then on, we were like the snowball effect. ”

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