Best Hair Colors for Summer

What do you first notice about women?

My dears, today I want to talk about hair. I want to ask you, what do you first notice about women or girls? Is it clothes or how much is the woman cared for? For me, clothes never made a man. It doesn’t matter if we are trained expensively, according to the latest trends, or in second-hand shops. But it is important to keep to ourselves, to be nurtured and tidy. Somehow, at first glance, I immediately notice the hair, as well as the nails on my hands. Those two things are a sign to me if a woman is a real lady. We can always take the time to at least paint our nails ourselves or make a hair mask. Masks do not have to be expensive from professional salons. Even cheaper masks will make our hair look shinier and healthier.

How much attention do you pay to hair color?

This is another thing that interests me. What is your natural hair color? Do you think that it suits you best or do you dye your hair? I am a natural brunette. I have heard many times that the most beautiful is natural because there is a reason why we have just that hair color. But I disagree. I much prefer how my blonde hair looks. I am happier and have more self-confidence as a blonde. That is why I advise you not to listen to your surroundings, but to listen only to yourself and try everything you want. Be brave for various experiments. If we don’t try we won’t know if something suits us even better. Life is too short to always have a boring haircut, right?

Blonde hair, maybe balayage?

The previous paragraph hints that I am an eternal lover of blonde hair. However as my hair is naturally dark, it is really hard to maintain color without coloring twice a month. So I found an easier way. Honey-colored strands are a great thing during the summer. As our hair brightens from the sun, we also get natural strands. It all melts nicely and we don’t have to work too hard. The sea, salt water, and sun do a lot. During the summer, we all get a darker tan. I always loved how blondes look then. I have the impression that blonde hair comes to the fore even more. Which team do you belong to, blondes or brunettes? If you want a beautiful and tidy hairstyle during the summer without much effort, I advise you balayage technique. These are strands in which the root remains darker. Therefore, the growth is not noticed.

Coral – red, girl is on fire!

Okay, this is something I haven’t tried, but I have a great desire. Not a bright red hair color, but just red, fiery! I know this nuance got a little harder, but it’s worth it. You will be in the spotlight all summer. And summer is also the time for something like that. How do you like this shade of red hair in the picture? Have you ever tried something similar?

Rainbow highlights for brave girls

I told you to expect the unexpected, it’s still summer. For me, this period of the year is always related to changes, a new style of dress, a new hair color. See how good this looks. It may seem to you that rainbow highlights are suitable for younger girls, but it doesn’t have to mean that. Enjoy it during the summer, and it can be easily and quickly repainted. If you have a blonde base in the hair, you can easily pull out various strands in all colors. Your hair can absorb these stronger colors perfectly. Of course, you don’t have to do the whole hair, but you can choose only a few strands if you want a calmer variant.

Baby Pink, girls are you ready?

Something similar to the previous example. Challenging and bold, the perfect hair color for summer and travel. It seems to me that girls with pink hair have the best fun, what do you think? We will see if this hair color will stay on my wish list or if I will fulfill that wish for myself.

Black hair never goes out of fashion

You may have already thought that every next suggestion would be crazier and braver. But not. We return to the classics. Black hair color is something that is always in trend. It’s just that I would choose some bolder hairstyles for summer. Imagine a page or bob hairstyle on black hair. It has always seemed mysterious and powerful to me. Especially for hot summer nights with high heels.

What hair color associates you with summer? What would be your recommendations? I am open to hearing many new experiences, and I may even dare to try a lot of them and leave my comfort zone. Hold my thumbs up!

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