Tips For Hot Bikini Body

Bethany Frankel (bethenny frankel), the star of a real housewife in New York City, flaunted her bikini figure on instagram when she was pictured on a fragrant beach. In the photo, Frankel swims in a blue bikini after swimming in a gorgeous blue-green sea water. Beckennie has an apartment in New York City and a house in Hampton, where she spends the summer weekends with Frankel, 47, who is in the best shape because of her health, diet control and regular exercise. Yoga and partially controlled 5 feet 6 inches Frankel, who keeps her sleek 115-pound bikini by eating a small bikini, doing yoga exercises and calisthenics. Beiseney began her career as a personal chef, and then starred in the popular the reality show, where she rose to fame. Real New York housewife, made her debut in 2008. Since then Frankel has become a millionaire by building a fitness empire that includes several best-selling weight-loss books and low-calorie alcoholic drinks.

Bethany, now a fitness guru, admits she has struggled with weight all her life and with eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia since childhood. Beisenny says she has a better bikini. She is now in better shape than she was in her 20s, thanks to her wise diet and exercise. This photograph of instagram shows that she is right. “I’ve been on a diet all my life,” Frankel told us every week. “binge, then fast or starve. Everything is forbidden. This is what I used to be: up and down five pounds a day, “Frankel told us.” Besseney said she changed her diet in her 30 s and took a sensible diet. “Frankel suddenly realized that she did not need to starve to become thin and could eat, so she realized that she did not need to starve and could eat. “my metabolism was completely destroyed,” said Beckennie, who lost 20 pounds in her 30s to overcome anorexia and bulimia. As long as she doesn’t eat too much at every meal, she wants something to eat. Besseney does not believe in hunger or want, but most of the time emphasizes eating healthy, unprocessed foods. She still indulges in her favorite snacks and desserts, such as French fries, ice cream and cake. She only eats some snacks. The divorced single mother, who is obsessed with routine exercise during her daily rigorous workouts, said she would naturally lose weight once she changed her diet and started doing yoga and walking. “I don’t like sports at all,” said Bethany Frankel (bethenny frankel). He stressed that a reasonable diet and exercise style make her look the best.

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