Upgrade Your Winter Fashion with Down Jackets

One subtle truth that you may realize this winter is that you can never be unbothered amidst the biting cold like Elsa did in Frozen. It is unless you are wearing proper winter clothes such as down jackets. 

Down jackets are winter attires that appear baggy and fluffy, allowing you to keep warm as they trap the heat. They usually come in plain color and design. But the winter season may not be as brief as you would think. Therefore, you need to wear such jackets for a longer time. How would you level up your style if you were to wear a down jacket multiple times?

A ribbon complements

Since down jackets are fluffy and baggy, you can always upgrade them with a ribbon wrapped around your waist. Or, you can tie it just below your chest area. This style does not only aim to make you look fashionable; it can also give an elegant shape to your body. Isn’t it better when you still look hot despite the oozing cold breeze of winter?

The fur emphasis

To keep you warm while upgrading your style, emphasize the materials that would add up to the heat insulation. In this case, it can be the fur feature of the down jacket. 

Most of our wardrobe designs, particularly in the winter ones, are inspired by natural creations. One good example of this is the sea otter which relies entirely on its fur to survive the cold. It means that the fur on the down jacket is not only for styling purposes but also for its heat-trapping benefit.

Pop like a bubble gum

Sometimes colors can do wonders in your fashion no matter what the season is. You can always experience the feeling of gloom whenever the coldness of winter creeps into your body. And most times, gloom correlates with dark shades such as black, navy blue, and brown. However, you can always lighten the mood with your choice of color. 

A breath of fresh air in this gloomy weather would be down jackets in bright colors such as light blue and a lighter shade of pink and purple. It creates a pop look as sweet as bubble gum.

Extravagantly casual

When you wear a down jacket, the usual look you always tend to make is casual. But you can be extravagantly simple for a significant upgrade. Most fashion stores offer these kinds of designs to boost your confidence. They also create these designs to encourage the consumer to explore fashion and not hesitate to try new things.

A contrast of dark and bright

Contrasting shades of wardrobe can level up your game in fashion. This get-up is not new in this season, but it can always upgrade when combining it with winter attire. A plain-colored shirt looks good and elegant when paired with a dark-toned down jacket. It can always go the other way around.

Often, humans opt where there is warmth and comfort. Most times, cold can make you feel uneasy. What a blessing winter attires are for us like these down jackets. All we need to do is to wear them stylishly. So, as you get ready to level up your winter fashion, imagine yourself as confident as   Frozen’s Elsa; the cold never bothers you both anyway.

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