Shapewear Trend: The Eco friendly Is Coming

The Eco friendly Is Coming

The fashion industry is responsible for 5% to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and this is because of the energy that is used during its production, manufacturing and transportation. Fibers such as polyester and nylon used in many of clothing items are made from fossil fuel that uses more energy than natural fibers. With a high demand for clothes especially fast fashion, many retailers churn out clothing at a fast pace. Only a fraction of the manufactured will be recycled while 87% of the total fiber used for clothing will be incinerated or sent to the landfill. Fashion brands have come under intense criticism for destroying unsold products and sending clothes to landfills.

For the past decade or so, sustainability has become a major focus of many fashion brands. Sustainable fashion is the slogan on many people’s lips now and this has driven a lot of fashion brands to come out with sustainable lines and the same goes for shapewear. If you want to make a more conscious choice when it comes to your undergarment, you may shop for sustainable shapewear from wholesale shapewear suppliers such as Waistdear.

This leading shapewear brand has a huge selection of high-quality body shapers that offer support, enhance and emphasize the body’s natural curves. Its shapewear offers different compression levels and support and is comfortable enough to be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Waistdear’s collection is made from sustainable fabrics such as recycled yarn that is highly durable.

Sustainable shapewear is often just as stylish and well-made as its non-sustainable counterpart. Ahead are the Waistdear’s sustainable shapewear to check out.

Seamless Full Bodysuit

This full shapewear bodysuit features a mid-thigh length and is all you need to hold in the core and tame all your problem areas in one go. Made with recycled material, it offers great control and shaping from the bust to the mid-thigh. This bodysuit also will lift and shape the bust and derriere where it matters.

Wholesale🌿 Eco-friendly Seamless Outerwear Jumpsuit Shapewear
Wholesale🌿 Eco-friendly Seamless Outerwear Jumpsuit Shapewear

Seamless Low-Rise Brief

Get a pair of shaping panties to pull the tummy in and feel supported. This comfortable shaping low-rise brief features a double-layer material that effectively reduces the waistline and smooths the belly. Made with recycled nylon, it has edge-bonded panels for more comfortable wear. This undergarment is ideal for everyday wear.

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Shaped Low Rise Briefs
Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Shaped Low Rise Briefs

Everyday Shaping Pants

Designed to hug the body curves, this pair of leggings is made with recycled nylon and feels like second skin. It has double layer fabric on the abdomen to strengthen tummy control. It contours the body to ensure a smooth and firm tummy all the way to the legs. The high-waisted design will hold everything in and does not roll down. It is comfortable to wear all day no matter if you are lounging at home, exercising or going for a grocery run.

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Everyday Shaping Pants
Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless Everyday Shaping Pants

High Waisted Tummy Control Short

Made from eco comfy recycled nylon, this pair of tummy control shapewear short is ideal for tucking in the flabby belly. It works from all angles to offer firm coverage from the stomach to upper thighs. The shoulder straps design prevents rolling down. Not only does it make you feel supported, it also creates a lifting effect on the buttocks

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless High-Waisted Tummy Control Short

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