Mini skirts are one of the favorite fashion items for most women. Mini skirts are indeed able to give a feminine, chic, and also girly impression to every woman. In addition, women who wear mini skirts will also look stylish, classy, and fashionable.

Currently, mini skirts are a versatile fashion item that is suitable to be combined with any top because, in addition to various materials, mini skirts also come with many designs. One of the mini skirt designs that grab attention and are currently quite popular is the slit mini skirt.

A slit mini skirt is a mini skirt with a little slit in the front or side. It will make your legs look longer and more beautiful. For a casual and youthful impression, you can combine it with a simple t-shirt top and sneakers. But for those of you who want to look more tempting, you can wear a crop top coupled with an outer jacket. As a final touch, make your feet look more elegant with high heels.

Ladies, if you also want to look stylish with a slit mini skirt, here are 5 recommendations for a trendy and affordable slit mini skirt. Believe me, these statement pieces will make you look fashionable and stunning!

1. PULL&BEAR Knit Mini Skirt With Side Buttons

Knitted outfits are still popular today. For summer, it’s a good idea to choose light knitwear that is comfortable to wear. The right recommendation is a knit mini skirt from Pull&Bear, which is worthy for you to pick up. Not only looks adorable with a slit on the side of the skirt but it is also decorated with buttons that sweeten the design. You can pair it with a crochet knit top which is also at the peak of current fashion trends. Isn’t this the perfect outfit for summer?

2. NLY TREND Mini Slit Skirt

Are you looking for a tube skirt that hugs your body comfortably? Then you can consider the white Mini Slit Skirt from NLY Trend.

Wearing a mini tube skirt can give a chic impression and make your legs look taller. For those of you who have an hourglass body shape, then you can combine it with a crop top so that your beautiful curves look even more gorgeous. Meanwhile, for those of you who have a pear body shape, you can combine it with an oversized top so that your body shape becomes more proportional.

If you want to wear it for a special occasion, pair this skirt with a matching tube top and add a diamond choker to give a classy and elegant impression.

3. GLAMOROUS Black Multi Tweed A-Line Split Mini Skirt

This mini skirt is made of wool and has a high waist design which will definitely give a classy impression when you wear it. For a formal look, you can combine it with a shirt, blouse, or matching blazer. It will be a perfect office look. Don’t forget to wear your favorite high heels to make your legs look more beautiful.

4. POMELO Sustainable Denim High Waist Mini Skirt

For a more chic and youthful look, then you can choose a mini denim skirt that is timeless in popularity. You can combine it with a blouse with wide sleeves to make it look more feminine. The addition of sneakers will also make your appearance more stylish. Besides that, you can also look casual and cute by combining a mini denim skirt with a t-shirt for various casual activities. Complete your casual appearance with strappy flat sandals that will make your feet more eye-catching.

If you want to try this style, you can pick the Sustainable Denim High Waist Mini Skirt from Pomelo. This mini skirt will be the highlight of your outfit because of its stylish design and even embellished with cute Cheongsam buttons and slits.

5. CHU Part Of The Story Mini Skirt

A-line mini skirt has a slim shape at the waist and gets wider at the bottom, but not quite as wide as a mini skater skirt. The A-line mini skirt can be a versatile outfit because it can be worn in various events, not just for casual events. For office wear, an A-line mini skirt will be perfect if you combine it with a long sleeve blouse and pump heels. Instead, for a more casual event, pair this gray A-line mini skirt from the Chu with a gingham cardigan, flat loafers, and socks. The slit detail on the side of the skirt and the cutting will make you look more feminine yet cute.

So that’s 5 recommendations for slit mini skirts from various brands with trendy designs but offered at affordable prices, an average of only around $35. Of all the items above, which one do you like the most?

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