Trendy Bags for Women This Year, Which One is Your Favorite?

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It may be a cliche, but accessories can really make or break your look. This year, make sure you invest in a stylish set of jewelry, gorgeous hair accessories, and a trendy handbag as well. Talking about bags for 2021, have you chosen your favorite style yet?

Today we are going to present a couple of must-have items so feel free to have a look at our fashion guide below.

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Bright Colors

There is nothing better than adding some bright colors to your wardrobe when winter is gone. The easiest way to do that is by investing in an elegant leather handbag in vivid red or fuchsia that can be worn with many classic outfits and add some energy and fun to your look. The stylish red bag pictured above will look amazing with your office outfit as well as with a pair of jeans, a floral dress, or a trendy jumpsuit. For an extra wow factor, use the same shade of red for your lipstick or add a printed scarf to complete your look.

black and white leather bag

Classic Style

Classic black and white (or cream) is a great choice for all women who enjoy simplicity. The square shape of this gorgeous Balenciaga bag pictured above makes it very modern yet elegant at the same time. You can wear this style with almost any color palette and if you want to pull off a minimalist look, stick to black clothes and accessories.

photo of assorted-color-and-pattern wicker bags

How about brightening up your mood a little bit this spring? We can’t recommend this round floral bag enough (pictured above). It will not only look fresh and light with your spring outfits, but it will also create a laid-back beach vibe that we all crave after wintertime. To make your look really interesting, choose any of the colors featured in the design: pink, green, blue, or peach / light orange. Another suggestion for this year is truly gorgeous. Have a look at this green cross-body bag below:

Young sexy beautiful woman in colorful dress, summer hippie style, tropical vacation, green handbag with fringe, accessories, hands close up with bracelets, fingers, manicure Free Photo

Styled with a summer dress, sandals, and boho earrings – it will be your perfect companion for a beach vacation. You can however wear it throughout the year. Pair it up with an elegant jumpsuit for a sophisticated yet fun city look or wear it with a coat in fall – we recommend an eye-catching color combination: violet and green. Handbags are one of the most important women accessories and some designers went a step further and created a perfume bottle in a shape of an elegant bag with a gold chain. Isn’t it cute?

person holding silver and green beaded necklace

Have you decided which handbag will be most suitable for you this year?

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