How to Tie a Perfect Sash Bow on a Dress

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We all love sophisticated cocktails and evening dresses in big sashes, however, tying an ideal sash bow is in fact much harder than it seems. Today we will guide you on how to make your sash bow look picture-perfect and enjoy wearing all those beautiful dresses stress-free!

Here are eight simple steps that you should follow:

1. Center your ribbons first so you have equal lengths

2. Bring your left ribbon to the right directly over the other one

3. Then put it under, behind, up, and over the other ribbon and make the first tie

4. Now take the excess part of the ribbon on the left and bring it up creating the first loop

5. Hold that first loop firmly in place and bring your second ribbon directly up, behind, around, and through the opening whole creating the second loop

6. Make sure that both sides of the sash are straight while you pull the ribbon through the loop

7. Pull two opposite sides off the sash carefully and straighten out the excess hanging from the bow. Adjust the size of both loops of your bow to give them an equal, perfect look.

Your bow should now look smooth and beautiful. It is worth noticing that these days sash bows are not only part of the wedding, prom, or evening dresses, but they can also be seen on everyday wear and even office outfits such as blouses and hair accessories. The skill of tying a perfect sash bow may be more useful than you think!

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Bows may come in various shapes and sizes and they are placed in front, on the side, or at the back of a dress. A bow is an interesting addition to a very simple dress as well and you can take it to another level by wearing it with a beautiful stash bow belt in a contrasting color or elegant gold or silver. Give it a try!

Below you can see some of our favorite clothing items featuring elegant bows. Have a look:

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A bow on a blouse adds a touch of sophistication and elegance making the whole look more unique.

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We love bow hair accessories as they are very girly and can brighten up even the most simple look. Try wearing a little black dress and tying your hair up in a sleek ponytail. Playful fuchsia will be a beautiful, eye-catching addition to your look. We hope that our short styling guide will be useful for you whenever you need quick tips on how to tie a perfect sash bow on a dress and in the meantime consider adding some more bow elements to your wardrobe as they are a lot of fun.

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