Plain sweatshirts are an old story in fashion. Long were the days when sweatshirts are worn for the sole purpose of protecting you from coldness. These days, every detail that we wear and do to our body is a fashion statement. Hence, people nowadays put forth effort in styling their clothes.

When it comes to sweatshirts, various designs, and styles come out one after another. One of those designs is the bright, flowery one that gives life to the sweatshirts. Here are the ways to level up your sweatshirt fashion.

1. Plaid Fringe Scarf

Scarfs are like family to sweatshirts. They are both prominent in the cold season. A sweatshirt with a plainly designed scarf would be best to make you look fashionable. The warm fabric of the scarf would not only give you warmth but also allow you to feel at your best comfort.

2. Be Versatile with a Denim Jacket

Well, if denim is a flavor, which would be chocolate. They are both classic. You could never go wrong with denim. You just have to pick the best color to pair with any of your tops. You can also try the faded ripped ones to add a little more substance.

3. Go with a plain dress

There are days when you feel like you want to feel more girly. If that is the case, get your favorite dress with minimal design, and then wear your floral sweatshirts. Not only this would give you feel the girly vibes, it would also add elegance to your style. You can go for a short dress or a maxi dress. Their designs should not go in contrast to the floral designs of your sweatshirt.

4.) Women`s Jogger or Sweatpants

What else is your go-to wardrobe during the cold days aside from sweatshirts? It`s a pair of sweatpants. These two garments are a perfect pair if you want to look comfortable yet stylish during winter. This pair gives a laid-back aura but the floral design of your sweatshirt would give it life.

5. Girly Floral Sneakers

Floral above, floral down low? Why not? Floral sneakers matched with your floral sweatshirt look fabulous. This will serve as an exclamation point to your fashion statement. There are plain white sneakers that you buy. These will allow you to show your artistic side and do your own flower designs on it. Floral is always trendy even if it`s winter! The floral design makeup for the lack of it during cold seasons.

Gone are the days when we wear sweatshirts for the sole purpose of protecting our bodies from cold. This is the time when we speak ourselves through fashion even in the biting cold. Like these sweatshirts that used to be so plain, they finally evolve with more fabulous styles and designs.

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