2021 Fashion Products: Camisole with Shorts Sets

Today we are going to talk about one of the most stylish summer sets: camisole + shorts. This universal outfit is very simple yet effective and can be worn both during the daytime and for a night out. Depending on the style of your clothes and accessories you are going to use, the cami and shorts set can be very casual or elegant and sophisticated. As always, it’s all in the details.

1. All-White Look

An elegant and fresh all-white outfit (as pictured above) has definitely a summer vibe and a lot of styles. Wear it with a straw hat and a light blazer on top. Don’t forget about an eye-catching lipstick in bright red to finish up your look.

2. Cami + Jean Shorts

If you decide to were a cami top with your jean shorts, there are not many rules or restrictions that you should stick to. You can choose any color and style you want. Cropped camis will look great with shorts that are a little bit looser or slightly longer, while classic long camisole can be combined with a tighter fit.

If you feel that your outfit is a little too revealing, you can always add an oversized blazer or a light summer jacket on top. Have a look at the example above.

3. Prints & Patterns

Summer is a great time to incorporate more prints and patterns into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of unusual color combinations and mix and match various prints together. A hippie, eclectic style is very much in fashion this season.

African prints are so colorful and beautiful. You can come up with your own unique combination this season.

4. Elegant Black

If you opt for classic black cami and black shorts, you will achieve a very stylish and minimalist look. Wear it with silver or gold accessories and sexy stilettos for a night out.

5. Sporty Look

The last option is for all those girls who love the cool, urban look. Wear your shorts with a cropped cami and add a trendy zip-up hoodie to the mix. Wear this outfit with your favorite pair of sneakers or simple tennis shoes. We hope that after reading our short fashion guide you are now more familiar with a camisole and shorts sets.

Use this guide as your starting point to create your own combinations and don’t be afraid to experiment with various sets that were not mentioned above. Your style should be an expression of your personality so make sure it’s unique and irreplaceable. Enjoy your summer!

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