Some Basic Products Which Add Your Looks to Another Level

Many people view beauty and fashion as expensive, time-consuming, and only for well-off people. But, contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to look expensive and fashion-forward without spending so much. All you need are a few basic products that can add value to your outer appearance. Here are some tips on you can dress better and level up your vibe!

1. Mixed Plaid Blazer

Instead of wearing basic tees and nothing more, amp up your look with a mixed plaid blazer that’ll make your outfit look more put-together and fashion-forward.

With just one simple item, you can transform your look into something more edgy and fun. Don’t you think this is more modern and chic than simply wearing a black or white tee? Cool, right?

2. Beautifully-Designed Handbags

Another item that can change your entire outfit is bags with vintage designs with a modern twist. You can find a lot of these at the Unique Vintage store. They have a tone of charming and uncommon designs that can take your look to another level.

If you want to look a bit more dressy, their Loungeflu Be3auty and the Beast Rose Crossbody bag is magnificent! It’s so cute, fun, and perfect for your plaid or floral dresses! On the other hand, if you want to look a bit more picnic-appropriate, a Cakeworthy Cauldron Cakes Ruffle Tote is ideal for you! It can store a lot of your items without compromising style!

3. Statement Jewelry

If you don’t want to splurge money on new clothes but want to make sure you’re always in style, adding statement jewelry will upgrade your outfit. And, no, you don’t have to buy an expensive one; Amazon, Forever 21, Claire’s, and other stores have cheap but beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can use.

4. Chic Beret Hat

Even if you’re merely wearing a plain dress or outfit, a beret hat hits different, making you look more fabulous than usual. A leopard-print one is uncommon, and not many people like to wear a vintage-looking hat, so for you to wear one is bold. It’s a definite must-have, especially during fall.

5. Stylish Face Mask

Now that we’re currently in a pandemic wearing a face mask has become mandatory. But did you know that wearing a double mask helps ensure you’re well-protected from the virus? Though other factors can contribute, wearing a medical mask and putting a cloth mask on top is a great way to stay safe.

6. Bright Heels

Give your outfit a pop of color with bright heels like Zara’s sparkly strappy heeled shoes. It’s sexy and chic and gives an impression. Even if you’re merely wearing a plain tee, ripped jeans, and a blazer, you’ll look fabulous with a pair of bright heels.

7. A Well-Styled Hair Through Dyson’s Airwrap

There’s nothing that will dampen your outfit but unkempt hair. But, you don’t have to go to the salon every day, when you can do your hair at home with Dyson Airwrap. It’s an incredible hair tool that you can use to blow dry, curl, and style your hair.

8. Eye Shimmer for a Stunning Glow

Don’t feel like wearing full-faced make-up but still want to look fresh and glowing? A diamond dew glitter eyeshadow is all you need for a fresh-looking face. You can add a bit on your eyelid, maybe on the tip of your nose, angel’s bow, and brow bone, and highlight your cheeks a bit with a few dots.

By blow-drying or styling your hair in a different way, adding unique clothing pieces, and giving a glow to your aura will make you move forward to looking fabulously expensive. You can get these products or look for alternatives that suit your budget, no need to hurt your pockets, simply alter the way you care for your look and prepare for the day!

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