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Whether you are 15 or 50, the fashion suit is always a good idea, from morning until evening, from work at university to an aperitif with friends and a super evening. You won’t believe it, but the suit has been very trendy for some years now. So let’s go see the different combinations that can be created with a nice suit!

Fashion suit in a rock version

Who said that the suit should only be worn in the office and by women of a certain age? It is also perfect for younger girls and evening occasions, such as a simple gray suit with rock details, which make it super trendy and contemporary. Just combine a t-shirt with a particular print and maybe red pumps, which immediately make it a gritty outfit.

Fashion suit in a fashion version

The most fashionable suit is the one in pastel color, especially pink, which is one of the strongest colors in every season of the year, both for the day and for the evening, also suitable for important ceremonies. The look with a pink suit is glamorous at any time of the day, in particular the pink can be made grittier thanks to the black under-jacket and shoes. You can also add a pair of cat-eye glasses that makes the look perfect for the day!

Fashion suit to amaze

The suit is one of those garments that are perfect for creating a different outfit than usual. In fact, not everyone would immediately think of a suit to wear for various occasions. You can create a look in which to play with color combinations, in particular a red suit combined with pink: red and pink were proposed a lot this year on the catwalk. You can finish the look with a strong but excellent detail: the leopard print clutch!

Fashion suit to go to work

“How boring the suit to go to work!” you are probably thinking, and you are right. But maybe you could think of using one in a more unusual color, in a fresh and modern way, such as a pastel blue suit, not too formal paired with a simple and elegant white t-shirt, and a pair of moccasins. Match the sunglasses to the color of the shoes!

Fashion suit for the day

This is perfect for creating a sporty chic look, for example in a look where the fashion suit is in the colors of gray, combining it with a pair of white sneakers, which reflect the color of the t-shirt. A look that is very comfortable, elegant, trendy, perfect for daytime occasions that don’t want to be too casual but not too set, such as a job interview or a day at university.

Fashion suit for the youngest

The suit is suitable for all ages, the secret is to choose the right color of the suit, such as a beautiful red, to be combined with a very high heel hidden by the trousers, giving a very slender effect to the figure. Combine it all with a printed t-shirt, which makes the suit perfect for younger girls!

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