Welcome to a New Style This Year – Athflow Style

It must be your first time hearing about this Athflow style, right. Not all of us are aware of what this new type of clothing style is all about. Nonetheless, we are happy to let you know how you can successfully start your journey with this type of clothing. According to the Pinterest trend report, it is a comfortable outfit with the help of loungewear. This style is composed of breezy, comfortable, and work-at-home attire! It’s like within the center of being casual at home and is also appropriate for office hours.

Here are some of the dress codes that have an Athflow style. You probably have them in your closet, but not that too relieving for you to realize.

1) Oversize Hoodie Black

We all know that a hoodie is not for office working hours, yet some hoodie style exempts from the list. Looking into this Oversized Hoodie in black will make you realize that it can rule over as a blazer. If you define it in an Athflow clothing style, this will fall under its category. A hoodie is a comfortable casual dress that is also a perfect alternative for office wear.

2) Metallic Jogger Pant

You may be able to add a bit of glamour and luxe to your dress with the use of this Mettalic Jogger Pant. It is loungewear that stretches comfortably at your waist, with an open pocket and clears and crop silhouette! Since it is so shiny, you’ll never be noticeable and pleasing to the eyes.

3) Oversize Wool Blazer

Blazers is typical office wear that you will see because of the coziness it brings to the wearer. Nonetheless, it is also so flexible and versatile that you can match it with any dress. No matter what your bottoms and tops are, blazers will be your ultimate match!

4) Knit Leggings in Buttons

A knit-leggings is your casual and office attire, and it is possible because of the chicness it has, which allows it to be appropriate even in the business world. We can say that this will be your new choice as office pants. You can pair it with a blazer, sandals, and sweater shirt for an overall appealing look.

5) Cami Jumpsuit

When talking about Athflow, it is something about loungewear. Not 100% because you also need to have comfortable casual tops too. But what if you have a dress, a sleeve, and trousers in one? That is what a jumpsuit can bring to the table. It is closely the best definition of Athflow ( if there is a true definition of Athflow. )

We can say that an Athflow dress style is the comfiest fashion trend ever happen. Though it can be interpreted as comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity, Athflow is more casual and ideal for formal and business events. To summarize, a comfy dress that is good for leisure and work.

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