Canvas Shoes Never Go Out of Style

canvas shoes

Fashion is always changing, but some things never change. I am talking about those evergreen garments, which we always need to have in our wardrobe, in this case in the shoe rack, to finish or add pieces to an outfit, saving you quickly and safely and adapting to every situation. The great advantage of these evergreen garments is that they never go out of fashion, and by themselves, they could allow us to survive an entire season without having any kind of problem adding more to our wardrobe. Because if among the evergreen garments we always find shirts, trench coats, black trousers and leather jackets, special attention should also be given to the canvas shoes that we will talk about in this article!

They are certainly the protagonists of the coolest looks that can be created at the beginning of this autumn: canvas shoes are able to give the right sprint to start going to school, university or work again, thus allowing you to create unique and fresh looks, ideal to be used before the arrival of the real cold! If we add to all this that, despite being an evergreen garment, stylists continue to always propose it, bringing us prints or details of the latest trends, your outfit will certainly be more than successful!

The beauty of these shoes is that they are very easy to create outfits that are quick to wear and with an unmistakable and simple style, which in recent years have been in the biggest fashion trends. I know that you are no longer in the skin, so let’s take a quick look at what I’m talking about!

Look with white canvas shoes

In the end it looks like a perfect Italian style, with the typical all white villages of Salento, but a total white look or a look with only white shoes is one of those must-haves that will never make you go out of style! For the total white look, opt for shorts, skirts (both long and short) and white trousers, with a crop top to close it all, and adding a touch of color with accessories. If you don’t like total white, go with normal jeans or skirts to combine with a nice crop top or a sweatshirt. Complete it all with a nice leather jacket!

Canvas shoes also with clothes

Not all of them can walk on a 12-inch heel, and for some, even an 8-inch heel might seem like a big mountain to climb. When what you are looking for is just a little comfort, as the days can be very hectic at times, relying on a pair of canvas shoes under your long and short dresses is an excellent solution for a sporty and elegant style!

The perfect back-to-school accessory

In the end, they are the ones that are used most at school, just think of Converse or Vans, which are the shoe par excellence for teenagers! For a slightly more refined look, wear a blazer, and wear your Converse in the same color as the latter over a pair of jeans, a quick and perfect look!

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