This Winter Wear Plus Size Sweater Dress

plus size sweater dress

Oversized sweaters are the dream of all women who suffer a lot from the cold and want to stay warm and comfortable, without giving up the fashion aspect of their outfits. The beauty of sweaters, in fact, is that it takes very little to create fabulous combinations, in which we are not forced to risk catching a bad cold!

But how to make our sweater fancier? The best way to do this is to wear it as if it were a dress. The maxi sweaters, due to their extreme width and length, can be worn like real dresses! This style is loved by all the celebrities and influencers, who wear it continuously throughout the winter.

The sweater dresses are characterized, most of the time, by a solid color, which makes them minimal and simple, but which we can make more precious with a series of tricks. Here are some tips to make your sweater dress more fashionable and combine them in different ways!

Sweater dress and shirt underneath

Dressing in layers gives more dynamism and dimension to the outfit, that’s why wearing a shirt under the sweater dress is a great idea to make it less banal! In this way the collar and the sleeves of the shirt will come out of the sweater dress, creating a really very beautiful outfit.

College style

Wear the sweater dress with a belt that will embellish the waistline, a pair of high socks and loafers: the preppy style is a trend that goes perfectly with current fashion, because it contains a series of features perfectly suited to the needs of we women, who find different answers in the collegial style: comfort, trend and elegance, and you can’t help but experience it!

With sneakers and a denim jacket

For a sporty chic style, one of the most popular styles of recent months! A very comfortable outfit to be worn even to go to university.

Ladylike style

A very sophisticated style: wear the sweater dress with a mini cardigan and ballet flats. The ladylike style has a slightly vintage, elegant, and non-sporty vibe. Being ladylike means preferring elegant and slightly formal clothing!

With high boots

Unmissable style for it-girls. Super fashionable and a real must-have in the winter months, to keep your legs warm too!

To go to work

A nice blazer is what you need to make the sweater dress suitable for the work environment and therefore to be worn in the office, together with of course the sheer black tights and a pair of low heel shoes.

With jeans and faux fur vest

A style with a very warm double layer that will make you feel extremely fashionable even on the coldest days!

Add a scarf

An accessory that will keep you even more warm. Choose a scarf with a particular print or pattern, to create a contrast between your accessory and your sweater dress. By adding a scarf, you can give a lot of movement to the whole outfit!

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