Well yes, in the end, sweaters are the most practical and quick to wear autumn and winter item of clothing. I know that you are looking forward to reading the article, so let’s create a couple of alternative outfits based on a sweater. And that you can use for any type of event!

Outfit 1: Sweater and animal printed pants

The animal print is always trendy, so it is perfect to wear a pair of pants with a leopard print over a white sweater. Don’t give up on your favorite black belt. And wear a pair of beige high boots on your feet that go perfectly with your jeans. Wear a very heavy camel-colored coat and a mini-city bag in vinyl as accessories.

Outfit 2: Simple with jeans

The second look we’re going to consider is very easy to recreate and I don’t think you’ll need to buy anything. To a pair of skinny jeans, we combine our sweater without paying much attention to the color. And to give some more rock details, combine it with a belt. For shoes, wear something very comfortable, like a very short heel boot. As an accessory do not forget your hoop earrings and complete the look with a fur coat!

Outfit 3: Choose vibrant colors

Among the looks that can be created, the one given by super vibrant and colorful details cannot be missing. To create a look of this type you have to play a lot on the contrasts of colors between the sweater and what you wear at the bottom. For example, I very often combine a white sweater with blue wide-leg trousers, very popular in this period. Using a pair of ever-green black ankle boots, since I use them on all my outfits given their versatility. The highlight of the look is then to combine a bomber jacket, always white and trendy that goes well with everything.

Outfit 4: Long skirt

Wear a long pleated skirt in such a way that the color we are going to use matches the color of the sweater. For example, staying on our white sweater, you can safely use a black skirt. Since pleated skirts play a fundamental role on the waist, it is perfect to use a pouch on it that also acts as a belt. Adding a nice coat, we complete the outfit with a super trendy detail such as a pair of over the knee leather boots that play a fundamental role, since we will not wear tights!

Outfit 5: The coat plays an important role

You will have understood by now that the coat becomes a very important part to combine with your sweater. You can play with contrast, with the same color or going with colors on the same but different shades, but when you feel the need to open your coat you don’t have to feel discomfort due to colors that do not match at all. On a pair of black trousers, put your sweater on, and on the latter, put your long coat. The sweater will have to play an important part in this look, as it will have to make your coat shine. Complete the outfit with a pair of high boots!

Basic two-button coat
Basic two-button coat

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