6 Elegant Necklaces for Women Recommended for You

If there is something that cannot be missing and that you will always need many options, it is accessories, whether you use many or not at all, I think that we all have at least a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace that identifies us and that we use often, in materials gold and silver are always present, they are the most universal and the most used, obviously, they are our favorite colors in terms of jewelry, they are too versatile and you can use them in any context.

Since the beginning of history, jewelry was for aristocratic people who could afford and make extravagant designs, with diamonds and other brilliant stones of great value that add a unique touch to the style of the time and its use was to demonstrate power and wealth. Currently, jewelry is more accessible to the public, minimalism has taken over our lives and the simplest garments are now the ones we wear daily.

There are hundreds of styles available to choose from but I think that the necklace is number one and that is why today I am going to show you the 6 designs that we all should have today, these are perfect for anywhere you have to go, they are designs singles that manage to captivate for their classic style that will last for a long time and thus you will be able to get much more out of it.

These pieces are made from sustainable materials that will last much longer and have not harmed the environment, so you can have accessories that really mean more to you than just a pretty piece. Many designs include different materials such as acrylics, and pearls, in many colors and designs that give it that unique touch so you can combine them with your clothes or with your other accessories.

My favorites and the most popular at the moment are those that have pearls included, they give that elegant and classic touch that our grandmothers used and that we can still use to have that touch of the past with the future, depending on your style you can use them in how many occasions you want.

Accessories with turquoise and green colors can add that little flash of color that brings joy to your style and your outfit, if your look does not have much color this is the perfect way to add it without making it look very striking and add a unique detail that completes your entire outfit. This type of design is perfect in both materials, whether it is gold or silver, here you decide this, thinking about what looks better with your skin tone and which is the one that most attracts your attention, my favorite obviously in color gold with small stones of earth colors like red or fuscia, in silver colors cold colors like the blue or green look better, depending on this you choose your favorite and make it yours, as simple as that, Ana Luisa has one of my favorite collections of all time, I literally want it all.

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