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Among the items to have absolutely in the wardrobe and among the basic outerwear to own, there is definitely the black suit jacket. The black suit jacket is one of those garments that is worn a lot: during the morning, during the evening, for more elegant occasions, for ceremonies, for business appointments, for work, at school, at university, in short, really for all kinds of events!

So today I will present some look ideas from morning to evening, more or less elegant, to reinterpret a single garment, namely the black suit jacket, to create new combinations together with garments that we certainly already have in the wardrobe.

Black suit jacket + jeans

This is always a great idea for a daytime look, because the jeans become less sporty and the black jacket less elegant, creating a casual chic look. It is also a perfect match to combine with black and white stripes, which are a very elegant, a little Parisian print, which gives a touch of chic to the whole look. Maybe you prefer a skinny jean with a black ankle boot. Under the jacket you can opt for a blouse, which gives an extra touch and which can be found everywhere for a few dollars. Putting these elements together, all quite basic, creates a simple but absolutely perfect look.

Sexy black suit jacket

The black jacket can also be super sexy, and a great testimony of this are the outfits of celebrities. To make it sexy, just wear it with nothing underneath, and combine it with a nice pair of skinny black pants and classic black stiletto heels: three elements, very simple look, with great sensuality, because there is a beautiful contrast between masculine and feminine. Be careful not to let the breasts come out of the jacket wearing this look: there are special bras for the V-neckline, or you can wear a lace bralette under the jacket.

Black suit jacket + sneakers

The great thing about the black jacket is that it is very versatile. This look is perfect for the day, combined with a pair of jeans, with a cut maybe on the knee. Under the jacket, you can wear a white t-shirt, which is not too sloppy, perhaps with a more elegant fabric. Maybe add a bag to make the look even more wearable from morning until afternoon.

More rock style

Combine the black jacket with the leather, such as a skirt or trousers, a rock-tone sweater, and a pair of shiny earrings, which contrast with the rock look of the t-shirt, but which are as elegant as the blazer.

Black suit jacket + eccentric garment

Don’t you know how to match a garment you have in your closet that could be too eccentric, shiny, very particular that does not go unnoticed? Dull it by pairing it with a black jacket! Choose a very decorated and glittery mini skirt: it will be made very elegant thanks to the black jacket. Then combine a grey and basic t-shirt.

Black suit jacket + black suit

The suit is also perfect for the day, so why not create it starting with the black jacket? Let’s create a total black look: black t-shirt and black sneakers!

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