Swimwear Brand By Marios Schwab

From the t platform to the beach, Greek-Austrian designer Marios Schwab (marios schwab) launched his inspirational women’s swimsuit brand on the island.

Schwab, with a stylish background, launched his eponymous clothing brand in 2005 and is known for his emphasis on body design, detail, craftsmanship and innovation. It won him awards and many followers, including Kristen Stewart, (kristen stewart), Blake, (blake live), (blake live), Marianne Koty (marianne cotilard) and Amanda Seyfried (amanda seyfried),

Fast forward, obviously, Schwab has been refining his tailoring and silhouette for years. Glamorous, beachwear that encapsulates everything you want in a hot climate, from a dress, a bikini, a beach dress, a silk belt suit and a Kraft, all in whole colors and patterns. Hinted at a gorgeous classic leopard pattern. Sunshine, joy and sexy, destination … On this island.

Celebrate adventure and discovery on the island. It’s a sense of freedom when we leave everyday. Swimming suits and holiday suits inspire and create a circle of friends who love island life.

What is the main cornerstone of your beauty? the style of OTI is defined by contrast. Original edges with smooth silhouettes, natural textures and technical properties of weaving. Our aesthetics is defined by closeness to nature and is designed to celebrate and enhance the senses and forms of the body. This collection is based on swimwear, but also includes shirts and dresses that can be twisted, wrapped and layered, becoming more beautiful. Every adventure is personal, the signature of your journey.

Why do you wear swimsuits? On this island, as a different, real idea, I have the opportunity to enter a market that contains all my personality elements, to become a ready fashion designer, and my signature is defined by body shape. I grew up by the beach, surrounded by swimsuits, and my father was the director of a leading swimsuit brand, and I always felt like I was close to that idea.

What did you learn from rtw’s swimsuit design is to provide a 360-degree wardrobe for customers at a tourist destination, each with an overall look from the beach to dinner. From the iconic shirt collection to the choice of separate and critical clothing. Our customers buy all year round.

Tell us the series. In this series, natural textures are put together with technical performance fabrics designed to celebrate and enhance the body’s senses and forms. Every piece of work produced in Italy meets the best technical standards. The line is based on swimwear, but also includes shirts and dresses that can be twisted, wrapped and layered, becoming more beautiful and personal in each adventure.

Iconic painters prints and hand-carved hardware like sea snakes are unique. So far, what are the highlights of your career? On the island.

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