Now Is the Time to Commit to Butt-Baring Swimwear

From the iconic Whale tail to Cisco’s classic national anthem, thongs have dominated fashion and pop culture. So, what better way to end the summer than to “go all out”? Al celebrated the best, worst, and most memorable thong on the red carpet, on the beach and after this long weekend. How do we remember the summer of 2018? Donald (donald) cancelled the drinking straw. Trump separated the children from his parents, but his inner circle was packed. Aretha Franklin (aretha franklin) left for a better dimension. Show off your ass on a beach in the United States and become mainstream.

Perhaps you noticed that the bottom of the swimsuit was shrinking. Sports American swimming trunks and Brazilian thongs named wax figures appear to have been driven by nostalgia for the high tailoring of the 1980s and 1990s during the collision. After two years of dancing in tight pants in Kanye West (kanye west) ‘s fade, the Kardashians danced all over the beach-town-postcard-thong mode.

The rest of us are more likely to encounter a T-legged hybrid swimsuit designed to generously cover up cracks but insist on revealing where the hips meet with the thighs. The new term for this cut is “brazen,” while among e-commerce models and instagram fashions, people in tight pants look like brazen Copperton babies in swimsuits (her dog eats her swimsuit).

Is it useful in real life? I have no idea. Swimsuits, more than any other clothing, have no objective analysis. In theory, the cheeky buttocks may be flattering, in a way that lengthens the legs. However, in my experience, they can also dig meat, which is traditionally considered undesirable. The effector of rotation solves this problem. They thumbed their swimsuits from their buttocks, as if they were cleverly lifting them from their buttocks. Pick a wedge.

More importantly, these fears suddenly became obsolete in 2018. Worrying about whether there is anything to flatter means admitting that good-looking equals looking thin-or, in this case, having a religious attitude toward dead elevators-we all agree that this should no longer be the goal. We should all show our buttocks in this situation. There’s nothing wrong with our buttocks!

However, you can’t choose to hang up, and exposing your recently encouraged minimized buttocks can be confusing. More than once I found myself in the locker room wriggling like a dog trying to bite his tail and wondering where the rest of the suit was. Not long ago, buttock-exposed suits had to be bought at a premium lingerie store or by accident when traveling in a country with fewer Puritans. Now.

If there is any change in the buttocks, it is difficult to determine. My colleagues told me that showing your ass on the beach is a culture. (this is not the first time a white woman like me has followed suit.) Perhaps the 2015 cut jeans shorts-where your ass hangs-are at the bottom. Perhaps, against the backdrop of the growing socialist movement, the French identify with seaside Europe. Maybe we’re all tired of self-loathing. All I know is that the antidote to the stress on your beach body is, contrary to intuition, actually going to the beach. It’s hard to remember what I saw when I was in my $18 (perhaps unlikable) Amazon brazen work. I’m busy reading a thriller, playing forward, or thinking very seriously. Whether I reapply for spf or go swimming, and then apply again. Squinting at my phone, I couldn’t even see my instagram photos.

There is no better time for the northern hemisphere to go to the beach than September. Our planet tilts toward the sun, bringing softness, tilt, golden all-day magic time, minimal buttocks burning. On the East coast, there are few people, and the water warms and swells due to early fluctuations in the hurricane season. Physical anxiety disappears in a more vital form. One way to cope with this tension is to start killing yourself on Labor Day. If you’ve always wanted to be brazen but never dared, it’s time to promise. The price is right, and there may be no returns. The final bathing suits on sale contain promises for next summer, or the tropical vacation you’ve vowed to take. This winter, it’s 91 days from December.

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