5 New Year’s Outfits to Start Wearing Now

Each season brings its own fashion character. Of course, this does not only refer to changes in atmosphere and trends but is also a matter of convenience. The global fashion industry always offers changes in styles, designs, and materials based on changing seasons to allow the wearer to dress in a fashionable and comfortable way. It’s no wonder that every season changes, fashion is one corner that gets the most attention.

Winter itself is a time when warm clothes take over the trend. Thick, warm materials such as wool and leather usually pop a lot. Likewise, quilted jackets and long coats are always back in vogue when the temperature sends shivers down. Layered clothing is also a style that you won’t go wrong with.

Let’s take a look at the mix-and-match winter outfits you can start wearing right now. You may find similar items already in your wardrobe, pick them up and put them on!

1. Supersize Jackets

A thick, warm outer is a staple in winter. As the temperature dips, it’s a good time to start layering on thick jackets for added warmth against the chilly weather. However, choosing a winter jacket is actually easier said than done. To escape the monotonous and boring look, it’s best to know what items are trending, and fashion editors say that this season belongs to supersize jackets. You can create a chic style by combining your athleisure outfits and supersized puffers. Give it a try, it’s so simple but adorable!

2. Sweater Dresses

Cozy sweater dresses are one of the most coveted fashion items today. You can easily find them everywhere in various colors and designs, such as those recently launched by popular brands like Uniqlo, Zara, Forever 21, and many more. Dresses made of soft and warm knitted wool fabrics are the most fabulous silhouettes to start wearing this season. They’re comfortable, warm, and stylish, and what’s clear, their popularity knows no bounds.

Sweater dresses are quite easy to mix and match with fashion items stored in your closet. They can layer over your leggings and shirts, or hug you nicely under a long coat. You have an even more effortless option of wearing them casually and pairing them with long boots to elevate your winter chic look.

3. Long Coats

Long coats can always be relied upon for an elegant look in winter, all the time. This item can be a fashionable choice as the outermost layer of your office and formal attire. Types of classic long coats such as trench coats, wrap coats, to leather coats have gone through time and are still popular today because they can light up a classy vibe in your outfit.

Shades of brown are the colors of the season. Brown gives off a warm impression and, in a sense, almost any color works well with this color. To embrace the frosty days, try pairing a brown coat with a dark green suit. Both promise shades of forest colors that are natural and pleasing to the eye.

The good news, this winter doesn’t only belong to natural and dark colors. Several bright colors such as hot pink, ocean blue, lime, and burnt orange also dominate the winter stage. If you are a fan of fancy and flashy looks, these colors are worth checking out. A long coat with bright colors will give you an effortlessly stunning look. Choose a character coat like a bright pink trench coat, then pair it with your monochrome office outfit as a counterbalance if you don’t want to look too overdone. Well, look how pretty this style is!

4. Thermal Leggings

Leggings are another staple that will come in handy a lot this season. Light and flexible enough to be a few mainstay points that make leggings a favorite. Through the right mix-and-match, leggings will make your style more amazing and warm at the same time.

Leggings are very easy to pair with any item, and you can create any style you want. To achieve a feminine and chic look, combine your thermal leggings with a plaid mini skirt, knit sweater, and brown fleece coat. Complete your outfit with catchy long boots. What a classy style!

5. Ponchos And Capes

Take off the tailor coats and puffa jackets, the ponchos, and capes that are no less popular this season are also worth a glance. These unique cut coats add an exclusive look to your outfit for an expensive and classy impression. The loose and comfortable design is easy to combine with any outfit, especially jeans and leggings. To add a touch of a preppy look, pair your ponchos with matching-colored suede ankle boots. Captivating!

When the temperature starts to send chills down your spine, you’ll love wrapping yourself in extra warmth and comfort, however, you’ll want to stay fashionable, too. So try the styles above and tell me which one you like the most!

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