Would you wear swimwear made from used plastic bottles?

When Australia complains about cutting plastic bags out of their lives, an American brother and sister who love surfing turn plastic waste into a good one. To make good use of. They are swimming. Jack and Caroline Danny grew up on a beach in Fair Harbor, a small village at the western end of Fire Island in New York.

On their website, they describe their childhood home as a “barefoot community” where they have a deep appreciation of water. As they get older, they start to notice that more and more plastic is being flushed on their shores, so they decide what to do. The young brothers and sisters extended the idea to an entrepreneurial project-they were only 21. 18. They received $20, 000 in funding for their first production and raised $25000 at the start. As a result, a fair port was born.


Dynamic duo get their “material” from mass recycling facilities around the world. They send them to manufacturing plants, break them down into polyester fibers, and spin them into yarns. “our goal with Fair Harbor is to create the best plank shorts on Earth while doing our part to keep the ocean we love free from plastic waste,” co-founder Jack Denny said on the website. The brand starts with 80% of the bottled cardboard shorts, along with a small portion of cotton and spandex.

In fact, each bottle is made of 11 recyclable plastic bottles. But since then, they have been extended to women’s swimsuits. Prices start at A $92. While the emphasis is on recycled plastics, they are also starting to use coconut waste in newer areas. These plastic shells are broken down into “polyester”. Australians alone buy at least 118000 tons of plastic bottles a year. Someone is finding something useful for them. They will certainly not run out of materials soon.

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