How to match your yoga clothes for different occasions

How to match your yoga clothes for different occasions

Clothing for the gym and physical activity, in general, is becoming more and more modern. And it is common that more and more looks in which these pieces appear mixed with more casual pieces.

Anyone who thinks that their gym equipment is limited to for that purpose is wrong!

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Tops & Leggings

The tops appear in the looks for the ballad, and the leggings are the winter looks. Besides, the shorts appear in the looks for the summer. Everything is usable and highly combinable.

Fitness fashion has been gaining more space and has invaded the street style of fashionistas and people who follow a more comfortable style. Versatile, gym pieces can gain new meaning when combined with pieces and accessories from other styles, bringing information and practicality to the look.

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Exploring the possibilities of striking items, such as gym pieces, for example, can seem difficult at first, I know. However, this only adds to her style and outfit. The thing is to use your imagination and bet on mixing styles, a modern and perfect trick for those who want to soften the strong messages that some clothes transmit.

Leggings: The more basic the leggings are, the more possibilities they offer. A plain black legging, for example, suit both in casual productions and in more elaborate looks that play with proportions and layers.

Shorts & Tops

Biker shorts: It’s a piece with a strong sports touch, but you can soften these messages by associating items from other styles with it.

The blazer together with the T-shirt, for example, makes the biker perfect for a casual Friday at work. Another proposal is to combine it with a maxi blouse and put some prominent shoes on your feet. The result will be very modern and worthy of a street-style production.

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Tops: The most basic gym tops can compose gorgeous looks that play with proportions (high-waisted bottom + top).

In addition, they can also come under third pieces, such as a blazer, for example. This proposal is even super high.

Sports sneakers

These items are often considered by fashionistas to be the strongest gym item, but also the most interesting to play with when putting together looks.

Wearing sports sneakers like this in production is a bold attitude that will leave the look full of fashion information.

Therefore, investing in activewear sets for women has become a multi-benefit investment. In addition to the consumer being able to rock beautiful looks at the gym, she can also use them to have fun and put together even cooler looks for her day-to-day.

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The sweatshirt pieces that are usually used in some sports are also examples of pieces. As they guarantee a good mix of everyday looks. That’s because the sweatshirt is very stylish if combined with some pieces. For example, wearing a sweatshirt with shorts or jeans or even with wider style pants. They are also super stylish if used with caps or even with some styles of hats.

Another investment that is very beneficial is the sports bra and shorts set, as whoever buys them will also have two items for the gym ( can be used together or not) they also yield two more pieces to be mixed in everyday looks.

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Being stylish, comfortable and fashionable is a desire of many women. And playing with combining gym clothes with casual clothes can be an effective way to look relaxed and comfortable. Using creativity is always a good way to do this.

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