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Summer is just around the corner, and your plans may include a weekend at your favorite beach or maybe a pool party with all your best friends. And we’re sure you end up asking yourself the same question each year “Should I get a new Bikini?” If you are still using that old bikini with large straps and weird patterns, let me tell you that the answer will always be YES. Every year fashion renews itself, so we must be aware of the changes that come with every new season. So, speaking about swimwear, what can we expect from 2017?


Plain, vibrant colors:

It is true that patterns of flowers and figures have been chosen by designers in past years as a must have in their bikinis collections. However, in 2017 we will find a much more elegant style in everything, and bikinis are not the exception. Bikinis that have a plain and vibrant color will highlight other aspects that are usually unnoticed by the ones with patterns, such as the cut, the cute details, or even the beautiful body of the girl that uses them. If you are thinking about getting a new bikini to match the summer season be sure to choose trendy colors like hot pink, turquoise or the classy and always sexy black



To bring the elegance a level beyond, we can choose a bikini with a sophisticated ornament made with rhinestones that will make a very good and attractive accent to certain parts of our body. These are usually inserted in the straps, in a discrete corner or in the back of the top. We can even found them where the two cups join, creating a very unique and sexy look. In the bottoms, we can find these ornaments at the corners of the seams or at the lower back. Choose a bikini with ornaments located just where you want to receive more attention.


Strapless Bikinis:

We know what you are thinking. Strapless bikinis are always annoying because you can’t get into the water without checking that your top is falling down every minute. The good news is that now we have the option to buy bikinis with adhesive technology that stick to your body ensuring everything stays in its place. This is possible thanks to a special silicone that regenerates every time after washing, working as it was new.  Now straps are just optional because choosing a strapless bikini will also enhance your body with a push-up effect, so say goodbye to straps to hold on your bikini.


Complementary Swimwear:

It is uncomfortable to be in a bikini all the time, especially if you are taking a break from the water to have a snack or just to talk with your friends for a while. That’s why it’s essential that you carry a beach garment or skirt with you so that you can simply remove them or wear them as you feel more comfortable. In addition, these complementary pieces will protect you from the sun and keep you dry without losing a touch of elegance and looking totally sexy and classy.

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