How to Choose a Swimsuit for Your Figure


Summer lays bare its fettucce physicist. Many women are daring, while others prefer to hide curves. The swimsuit is a concern and a major embarrassment. However, because sacrificing elegance and refinement? For colored bathroom dresses and good workmanship? Trendy boutiques offer models suitable for enhancement of curves and femininity. Don’t you need to wrap the body in swimwear demodé and dull? But how to choose a swimsuit suitable to your physical? Bikini, swimwear, trikini, balcony or sash, what a mess! Here are some tips to avoid falls.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

Powers of observation

For the skinny is better suited the classic bikini with laces and triangle bra, says Bikini will. The skimpy bikini is very sexy and flattering shapes. Straps enhance the hips and skinny legs. The slip, however, the shape of the buttocks and stomach. The triangle increases visually at least a size roughly. Please choose an entire model? Perfect! Opt for a patterned costume to highlight your waist and emphasize your curves.

For women with a physical prosperously, a fuller bust, narrow waist and hips are appropriate to a bikini not too skimpy. Cover the buttocks with a loosely fit the hips. These modifications will mask the roundness. Avoid shorts and briefs, Sgambati. Please choose a swimsuit? In this case, buy a model with a Sweetheart neckline bra, to highlight the generous curves. Focus attention on beautiful breasts, rather than a little-toned belly. Forget the swimsuit with bandeau tops and square necklines. Great color opaque.

To enhance a physicist to “inverted triangle”, opt for a two-piece with high waist. The effect will correct the silhouette and will hide any bacon. Very good the push-up Bra and V-necklines. To avoid the Olympic swimsuit or those dropped. For women proportionate, with a morphology to 8, each costume is suitable. However, attention to the entire model. A line imperfect fills the cavity and flattening the shapes. Against love handles, don’t choose slip with lacing too tight. They would accentuate the peccadillos. Avoid bandeau tops for a prosperous decolleté. The crush visibly. For every shape that’s a suitable costume! Simple huh?

Never forget:

Don’t follow fashions and trends that don’t flatter your figure.

Swimsuits tend to spread with water.Make sure they’re the right size

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