Are you ready for summer bikini

After mapping the hottest swimsuits for summer 2016, how can we choose the right style for our body type?


Choose a super sexy trikini, a bandeau or triangle bikini or a minimalist or vintage style one-piece. Embellished with stripes, florals, assorted patterns. A variety that can be tricky, especially when we think of our body type, as we all wonder which is the right style to suit our figure.


Start from your body type to highlight the qualities and hide the flaws and choose the right beachwear. For a well-balanced, hourglass figure like Bella Thorne, choose any style, from the triangle or patterned bikini to more playful designs. If you are petite, pick high-cut briefs that elongate the figure. If you have small breasts, like Ellie Goulding, choose high-waist briefs plus a padded bra.

If you are both curvy and tall (lucky you!) à la Gigi Hadid, play with your beachwear and wear, if you like, mismatched pieces, but avoid too tight bandeau tops that will flatten the breast area.

Androgynous, athletic. Like stunning Kate Hudson or the pop star Miley Cyrus. You can indulge in all kinds of necklines and lace-up styles. You will never look over-the-top, but rather like a sexy 2016 Bond girl.

Generous curves. Like Kim Kardashian, who enhances her curves with bands and laces. “Opt for crisscross elements or oblique lines to highlight your curves” – suggests image consultant Rossella Migliaccio, “Choose one-colored pieces to avoid adding too much volume to your figure”.

The secret also lies in choosing the right size that will not squeeze the body over ‘tricky’ places like breasts and hips. Low-waist briefs with laces balance the figure, unlike high-waisted ones. Focus on the shoulders and the neckline and opt for an unpadded triangle bikini. If your waistline is not wasp-like, opt for a one-piece bathing suit with pleats that camouflage where needed.

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